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How To Run Holiday Sales With Facebook Ads & Google AdWords

If you run an ecommerce business, it’s likely that you’ve encountered challenges with the holidays: do you run sales during all major holidays or only ones that relate to your target audience? The answer to those questions is dependent on a variety of factors (obviously), but you should definitely figure it out before it’s too late and way before the next holiday is coming. At the time of this writing, Valentine’s Day is coming right up in a few weeks, which means many businesses will shell out newsletters for their sales soon.

Are you currently running Facebook ads for your business? If not, we highly recommend that you do even if there aren’t any holidays seasons coming up. Gaining experience in the digital advertising arena should be the primary goal of any ecommerce marketing manager in 2019, so if you’re behind on the technology, it’s time to get with the program. If you’re simply too busy, feel free to reach out to Mad Mind Studios with any digital marketing agency questions.

Here are a few items that may help in determining if you need to run holiday sales and running them with Facebook Ads & Google AdWords.

Know Your Target Audience

Your target audience should be the defining attribute onto whether you run holidays sales for any of the seasons. This does not include Black Friday– no matter what, you need to have a sale on that glorious shopper’s holiday. On the subject of Valentine’s Day, should you run a holiday sale on that? Well, is your product directed towards people who often get the product as a gift? Is your product love-themed? Can you run a meaningful sale with an accurate sales pitch using Facebook Marketing & Google AdWords to accomplish your sales goals?

Answering those questions first can determine if you need to run a sale on Valentine’s Day. You can apply this thinking to any future holiday season as well.

Start Planning Digital Marketing Early On

The last thing you want to do when it comes to holiday sales is being late to the planning phase. There is a LOT that needs to go into place before you just make a discount code on your website and start promoting it. You need to budget your Facebook Ads spending and determine how you can get people into your funnel using Google AdWords marketing. Using those two advertising platforms in tandem for holiday sales is necessary for a successful holiday season for you. Ensure that you have all of the ad copies, ad images, & targeting in place well before you run the sale. You want to test all of your sales channels for at least a week to see if they’d work for your sale or not. For example, if Google AdWords performs poorly in the testing phase, put most of your budget towards Facebook Ads instead.

Use Remarketing For After The Holiday

So, during this holiday sale, you should attract a lot of attention from potential new customers. They probably didn’t buy during your sale, but that doesn’t mean you lost them forever! Make sure you have a newsletter sign-up feature on your website to garner email subscribers that you can leverage for more sales later. In addition, create remarketing lists for Facebook Ads & Google AdWords as well to get those customers back.

Ultimately, your holiday season ads aren’t just for holiday season sales– the goal is to expand your brand to a wider audience and then for you to scale your business up! If you need any assistance with your digital marketing strategy, reach out to Mad Mind Studios with any questions related to your project.

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