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Why Does Holiday Marketing Matter?

Every holiday season, defined as the period of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve, American’s spend billions of dollars on holiday shopping – most of which is spent online. In fact, on average, each person will spend about $1100 on holiday gifts alone, this doesn’t take into consideration things like food, decorations, and travel. With so many people looking for gifts at the same time, one could argue the most important time to spend money on marketing and advertising is around this time of year in order to maximize sales and profit. But how do you optimize your marketing campaign for the most visibility? Here are some of our best tips on Why Does Holiday Marketing Matter?.

Determine Marketing Goals & Target Audience

Your goals should align with “SMART” goals, i.e. they should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. So for instance, something specific and measurable would be saying you want to sell one hundred units of your product by Christmas; an attainable and relevant goal would be wanting to get two hundred sign-ups for your holiday newsletter; and a time-bound goal would be something like aiming to raise $20,000 for X charity by Thanksgiving. Once you set your goals, you need to determine your target audience. You want to gather information on their shopping/spending habits, where they shop, what they buy, and where they spend most of their time online, among other things, in order to create relevant advertising material.

Plan Ahead & Market Early

While Christmas ads in August would probably have an adverse effect and annoy your customer base, it’s always good to begin planning your holiday campaign in advance so you’re prepared and not throwing something together haphazardly at the last minute. Starting around late October/early November is typically the time many businesses begin slowly incorporating holiday-related marketing material because this allows them to take advantage of the time between Halloween and Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is an especially good time to prepare any sales you want to have during the holiday season, schedule various ads you want to run, and make sure you have enough stock to meet the demand for your product.

Messaging is Everything

Avoiding transactional language in your marketing campaigns around the holidays is important; the holidays are the best time of year to get sentimental and really tap into what your business is all about – and in turn, use customers emotions to your advantage. For example, a catering company might encourage the message of having a meal with your family, spending time together, and enjoying one another’s company. For other brands and companies, being so direct might not align with their core products and services, but it’s still a good idea to incorporate holiday themes in marketing material, for example using red and green (common holiday colors) in photos and ad campaigns.

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