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Holiday Marketing Ideas to Make Your Seasonal Sales Merry

The holiday season is quickly approaching us and the right preparation is key to drive your sales up. Preparing your social media campaigns, advertisements, and promotions months in advance will best bring the happiest customers. The right holiday marketing elevates your brand at a very important time. Here are some of our tips for making your holiday sales very merry this year!

Holiday Marketing

Tip 1: Rev up your advertisements.

Long before the holiday season, there needs to be plenty of promotion and advertisements. Implementing Google ads, Instagram ads, and Facebook ads will drive website traffic by having your name appear at the top of Google and on social media.  

Search engines are top real estate during the gift-giving season. Your company needs to be on the first page of Google because people don’t go beyond the first few pages to find a present. Social media ads naturally lead users to your landing page when they’re passively scrolling through their feeds, especially if you offer a promo code!

Tip 2: Promote products within the overall brand.

Face it- all of your competitors are having holiday sales. You have to stand out somehow. The best way to cut through the rest is to make your brand connect to a narrative about family and friends in the holiday season.

Why is this so effective? By having this story take center stage, instead of your company brand, you can better reach more audiences and bring visibility to your name, not just your product. Consumers view brands as people, they want to see that companies are responsive to emotion and responsibility.  

Holiday Marketing

Tip 3:  Give your customers the special treatment.

By offering special giveaways in the form of discount codes, rewards points, or free samples can increase sales as well as generate leads into your email subscription box. It’s a win-win for all.  

You can also choose to run a social media contest for people to win a prize by sending in their photos and tagging your account and hashtag. This will ease the burden of having to come up with creative content on your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Now, you can repost the best pictures from your audience!

Another way to retain customers even after the holidays is to wow them with great holiday-themed packaging so they keep coming back in the new year.

Holiday Marketing

Tip 4: Make sure to get your E-commerce in tip-top shape.

The majority of customers are now turning to online shopping to get their presents taken care of on their own time, why not cater to their comfort? Redesigning your mailers and adding simple website looks to a more festive theme will attract people looking to buy their loved ones presents. Your website is the joyful storefront window that gets dressed up in gold and glitters.

Extra Tip: Start NOW with a full-service marketing agency.

Which agency does marketing, web development, social media marketing, and branding? Mad Mind Studios offers creative campaigns and fresh, new web design for your company to successfully grow. We’re proud of our diverse capabilities and push for your brand to shine.

Mad Mind Studios

Mad Mind Studios is a marketing, branding, and web development agency located in Los Angeles, California.  

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