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How to Hire an Expert Logo Designer in Los Angeles

If you are looking for someone in Los Angeles to design your company logo, I will be the first to admit that you have plenty of options. I have just typed ‘logo design Los Angeles’ into a Google search and been given 271,000,000 search results. That’s right – two hundred and seventy one million. While it is inconceivable that there could be that many logo designers in Los Angeles – total population 3.8 million – it does indicate the level of service demand and the companies willing to provide it. These designers vary widely in price and experience, from national design bureaus to bedroom based freelancers offering template logos for a few dollars.

So how do you narrow down all these designers to find the right team to design your logo? Assuming you have a clear idea of your available budget, and putting aside for a moment my own natural bias; this is what I would be looking for, were I in your shoes:

How to Hire an Expert Logo Designer in Los Angeles

1. How is the designer’s own logo?

This is the crucial first point. Have a look at the designer’s own brand identity. You have to assume that a self-respecting design business will put its best efforts into creating its own logo and brand identity. Therefore the logo they design you will never be better than their own. If their own branding doesn’t pass muster then there is no chance they will do a decent design job for you.

2. Look for verifiable past experience

It is important that your designer knows what they are doing and has a portfolio to prove it. You want to look for a variety of design projects for a range of different clients, preferably with some links to live URLs as additional proof that they are genuine. Specific experience working for clients in your industry is an additional bonus. If the portfolio is lacking, or there is no chain linking their supposed work back to them – for instance an acknowledgement on their client’s website or decent testimonials, then alarm bells should be ringing.

3. Look for value for money, NOT the lowest price.

Designing a logo is not a five minute job. The consultation, design and feedback process takes time. Often a team of multiple designers will work on the same brief, and this adds up to an impressive tally of man-hours. The level of work should be reflected in the price you pay and the level of service you expect. By all means look for a good deal and seek out quotes from a few designers, but make sure they are clear about what you should expect for your money. The less they charge the fewer hours and less attention they will be able to afford to give your design. Beware of logo designers who promise the earth for a rock bottom price. Something has to give.

4. Quality work takes time

Following from my previous point, a good logo requires care and attention. If you go with a designer who promises delivery in a couple of days, the likelihood is you will end up with a rush job that poorly matches your requirements. There is also the chance that your logo will be hastily cobbled together from clip art and plagiarized images.

If you go into your search with your eyes open you are sure to get a very good logo designer in the Los Angeles area. Ask questions, do your research and only agree to a deal when you are fully satisfied they are the right designers for the job.

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