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Grow Your Ecommerce Food & Beverage Business with Shopify

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As eCommerce food, beverage, and supplement business owners, we want to believe our products are good enough to sell on their own. If people are searching for items we possess, we should have no problem gaining customers, right?

We hate to break it to you, but studies show, THAT IS A LIE. 


To run a successful online store, you must take into account ecommerce branding, and this begins with your website. Yes, ecommerce web design is a priority in marketing your food, beverage, or supplement business! 

Consider your favorite online brands. You’re usually sold once you log on but may spend hours adding items to your cart. Now consider the website you disliked. You probably spent no more than 3 minutes clicking around before determining you’d take your money elsewhere. 

Do you know what separates those two online stores? Great ecommerce web design. 

Let’s talk about it! 

Why does ecommerce web design matter? 

When it comes to representation, you want your audience to perceive your business as three things: trustworthy, professional, and consistent. Those three qualities will help you establish enough credibility to where people will not only return for products but will convince their peers your worth spending dollars on. First impressions matter, and your eCommerce website is the first thing potential consumers will use to review your business. 

So why not leave them in awe?! 

How to get a credible eCommerce web design? 

There are a few tips you should take into account when creating a superb website. We’ve listed some of the tips below. They can be used for any business but is specifically tailored to the food and beverage industry. 

But before we begin

If you have no experience with web development, we suggest you partner with an eCommerce advertising agency proficient in Shopify. At Mad Mind Studios, we carry a team of design and developing experts who can build customized eCommerce websites using the Shopify platform. Whether choosing an eCommerce web design directly from the templates provided on Shopify or creating one from the ground up, our design team has you covered. 

Websites created by Mad Mind Studios. The best advertising agency in la. 

Ecommerce Web Design Tips


Create a theme 

Cohesive designs throughout your ecommerce website create a specific mood for viewers. That mood will help formulate your target audience, which essentially enables you to regulate ecommerce advertising. Your company will have a firm understanding of who to design ads for and how those consumers respond to the content and graphics distributed. Overall, a fluent theme will devise a loyal fan base to generate steady sales. 

When creating an ecommerce web design to form a theme consider: 

  • What your brand stands for (ex: delicious burgers that fulfill your appetite and make you happy, party liquor that brings people together or workout supplements that make you lose weight)
  • The type of food or supplements do you provide
  • Your product or package colors
  • What age range do your consumers fall in


Highlight the best of the best

Constructing a website is one thing, but making the images stand out is a whole other field of expertise. The main goal when working with images is to highlight your bestselling products. One to three products are about enough for you don’t want to overdo it. Too many photos can become overwhelming, persuading viewers to log off.

Ecommerce web design specialists understand the importance of showcasing this product or products on the home page with clear visuals and perfect coloring. Contact advertising agencies in la or your local advertising agency if this may be an issue. Hey, we’re only one call away. 

When placing images on your ecommerce website: 

  • Use clear, high-quality photos
  • Use pictures that convince people to eat or take a supplement 
  • Don’t shy away from personalized graphics 
  • Place call-to-actions on photos to help push sales 


Comfortably speak to your audience

Creative content is just as relevant as graphics when it comes to ecommerce web design. The more comfortable a viewer feels reading through your pages, the more likely they are to become a customer. 

Try to avoid sounding so salesy. Consumers want to know that there are real people behind your business, the same type of people who uses and LIKES their products. A few charming sentences catering to the needs and wants of your audience is good enough. 

When writing content, think of: 

  • A catchy slogan that describes your service 
  • Who you are speaking to; who’s most likely to purchase your food, beverage or supplements 
  • Short quotes that describe how you are different than the rest of your competition


Simplify the features

Last but not least. Actually, it probably should have been the first tip mentioned. Make sure to create an ecommerce web design that is easy to navigate. Well-flowing web designs include limited tabs, quick uploads, and description content that directs users to their destination. 

On being an ecommerce advertising agency, we’ve come across this issue often. Many companies involved in food and beverage tend to create complicated sites, filled with too many images and hard to access checkout pages. Unfortunately, those companies are quickly going out of business due to challenging web designs and functions. 

Become a lasting contender by: 

  • Creating a fast running website 
  • Efficiently directing consumers through pages 
  • Having inclusive web-accessible functions for those with physical, situational and socio-economic restrictions


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