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(Good) Content Is King

madmindstudios - June 26, 2018 - 0 comments

The phrase “content is king” has been popularized since the growth of search engine optimization practices that coincided with the start of the internet. Content has always been touted as the holy grail for ranking your website, but as the internet and marketers continue to evolve, it becomes harder and harder to organically rank your website. There are always emerging tactics and ways to boost your strategy, and it’s true that content will always be a key component. The important thing to remember is that not all content is good content.

Writing good content means that your web pages and blog posts are all relevant and useful to your audience. You should offer original insights and news, instead of regurgitating old information used on your own site or taken from other sources. Search engines comb the web for newer and more relevant content, so make sure the words you are posting are a related topic to your website and are tagged properly.

Link Building

Your web page is not complete without adding the appropriate links back to your own website, as well as other relevant sources. Referencing other reputable sites is not only helpful for providing the reader with more information, but for creating a more credible website according to search engines. If you can get other credible website and bloggers to include your link on their page, that also helps to boost your standing.


If you haven’t done any keyword research for your business or online store yet, get started right now! Finding the most targeted or useful keywords to incorporate into your online posts are critical for ranking on Google. More broad keywords like “real estate” might not rank a smaller company that is just starting to build their SEO, however focusing on a more specific keyword like “commercial real estate agency los angeles” might yield better results by helping you move up in that specific search. Make sure to incorporate your keyword into the page slug, headline, and first paragraph, but avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ with too many repetitive phrases which can work against you in SEO rankings.

Good content is also used to build brand loyalty by providing useful and engaging information to your customers. This goes the same for your social media pages and other mediums besides the business’s website. Creating content for the sake of having more words on your website doesn’t always add more value. Useful information along with smart SEO practices makes good content, benefiting your brand in the long run.  

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