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Food and Beverage Trends To Look For in 2019

We’ve rounded up the best trends to keep your eye on within the food and beverage industry.

The food and beverage industry is a dynamic marketplace. Marketing and advertising for the newest food or drink fusion capture our attention and continue adapting to changing perspectives and consumer trends.

Today, big brands captivate us with their relatable social media personas and funny viral moments. It’s not just about the product anymore, but the brand identity on the broader scale. Are their ads memorable? Do they interact positively with social media users? What makes them unique?    

Standing out in the food and beverage industry doesn’t have to mean throwing big launch parties, it just takes building a solid brand that can branch out in creative marketing strategies. 

Here are some trends to look for in the industry next year:


The sustainability in both products and larger company mission.

Environmentally conscious brands have a leg up on their competition. When customers are deciding on purchasing one product amongst other very similar products, they tend to choose the company that is better for the environment. This includes the sources of the product, the packaging materials, and smaller eco-footprint.   

food and beverage sustainability

Take Pathwater as an example. This company produces high-quality, purified water in a unique reusable bottle, pushing the need to reduce the plastic accumulation in our lakes and oceans. The company even donates a part of their sales towards non-profit conservation groups working to end plastic waste. Their aluminum bottle is more energy efficient and easily recyclable- executing their motto, “refill, not landfill”.

The introduction of CBD infused products.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is not for hippies anymore. Many people use CBD oil topically for aches and joint pains or use it to reduce anxiety and other ailments as well. CBD oil is widely becoming legal in more U.S. states, as many approved products contain less than 0.3% THC under federal law. The cannabis boom is here to stay, as businesses grow by including CBD oil in food, beverages, topical skincare, and hair care.

food and beverage CBD

Kickback Cold Brews is an industry innovator with their CBD-infused cold brew teas and coffees. Made with organic ingredients, as well as the highest-quality hemp derived CBD oil that is water soluble, these drinks remove the caffeine ‘jitters’ that many people experience after drinking coffee.

The rise of experiential marketing.

Customers love feeling like they are part of something bigger. Brands have to think of ways to further personalize their customers’ journeys, and it starts with extensive market research on their target audience. Putting in the work to find out what your target customer reads, watches, and does in their free time can help your company find its niche marketing strategy. Pop-up shops and booths are popular in retail, but can also be great for food and beverages. Easy access to free samples of products is key, but standing apart from the rest means bringing something else to the table. Not to mention, people love an Instagrammable moment!

Another experiential marketing strategy is including virtual and augmented realities. On the smaller scale, creating a fun Snapchat filter involving the brand is a simple way to target users through their phones. On a bigger scale, however, creating a full virtual experience can be created for foods and beverages. Companies who create successful experiential marketing campaigns are creative and push the edge, increasing the visibility of their overall brand.

What’s the company mission?

More and more people around the world are less interested in fleeting trends and more interested in making sure their money is put to good use. Brand’s corporate social responsibility is increasingly important to consumers who ask, “What does this company stand for?” and “Do I support their mission?”. Consumers care about longevity and quality, instead of convenience and mass-production.

corporate social responsibility

The rise of brand ambassadors and influencer marketing is naturally linked to a good company mission, not just a good product. Potential customers want to see a company who advocates for the betterment of society through supporting local ingredients, ethical production, sustainability, and more.

Excited to get started on creating your brand?

Mad Mind Studios elevates your food and beverage products with a customized marketing strategy that determines what makes your product special and makes sure everyone else knows it too.

Our marketing and branding experience with clients such as Pathwater, Kickback, and Truronia sets us apart. Developing a strong, recognizable brand identity is our strength, and we can guide you from the company’s inception to beyond the release of the product. Mad Mind Studios is a full-service, integrated digital marketing, branding, and web development agency that develops the right strategy for your business to find long-term success. Call us today for a risk-free marketing consultation.

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