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E-Commerce Marketing Tips: Optimize Your Product Pages for More Sales

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An accomplished eCommerce store isn’t just based upon sales, for every business has its own measure of success. However, nine out of ten times, if you’re seeing a favorable amount of sales, your e-commerce marketing tactics are advancing you in the right direction.   

In the process of gaining sales results through e-commerce marketing, you and or your preferred Shopify web design agency must highly consider optimizing your product page. An optimized product page is e-commerce marketing at it’s finest; the drive that influences consumers to finalize a sale. 

If you or your e-commerce marketing company has not yet optimized your product page, consider implementing the tips below. These tips e-commerce marketing will win over the hearts of your target audience and increase product sales. 

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How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business Through Product Page Optimization 


Before we get into more of the behind-the-scenes optimization, let’s discuss the importance of optimizing apparent eCommerce web design features like photography. 

Product photos have to be one of the most essential features of your product page. You’re trying to convince consumers to purchase items they’ve never seen or felt. In many cases, photos are the first thing people notice on the product page, right before they begin reading. Your photos are to be clear and crisp, resembling what the item would appear as in person. A person wants to visualize how this product will improve their lives, and versatile photos showcasing its use can be the reason they place the item in a cart. 

High-quality product photos have as much to do with e-commerce branding as any other graphic design on the website, including your logo. So, be sure to upload a variety of angles with different settings (including zoom in and out feature) for each product to build your e-commerce business with a respected reputation. 


Up next for optimization is product page content. To start, you want to write engaging content that is specifically catered to the audience who’s looking to buy the product featured. 

Mimic the thought of your audience while maintaining the voice of your e-commerce company. What we mean by that is, if you’re selling clothes to a younger crowd, consider the lingo of younger generations. Write fun words that make it sound as if buying this product will bring them joy. Still keep your content professional and write things a representative from your business would say. In your company’s voice, let your descriptions be answers to the questions consumers may have. 

Remember, your content is still an e-commerce marketing tactic. Use SEO keywords when writing the product descriptions to help your pages get discovered on Google’s search engine. Search engine optimization, SEO will not only bring in more viewers but will likely draw in consumers looking for your specific products. SEO increases your chances of making a sale. 

SEO keyword placement: 
  • Title
  • Subtitles 
  • Descriptions
  • Call to actions 

Call to Actions 

Following creative content, call-to-action buttons are another opportunity for optimization. Design-wise, you want call-to-action buttons that stand out and stand-alone, not overcrowded by surrounding text. The colors should resemble that of your e-commerce web design. 

The content of the call-to-actions should be short and to the point. “Add to cart” and “Buy Now” are great examples. You can add your own little twist to each to make them sound more fun, but don’t stray far from the direct goal. 


To keep this brief, we suggest adding backlinks to your product pages. Backlink optimization leads consumers to additional product pages within your website, expanding your chances of them adding more products to their shopping cart. Try adding the links below the initial product or make it flow with the content you present in the description. The goal is for the e-commerce marketing content to sound natural, so they don’t feel forced to continue shopping.  

Payment Process 

In the digital world, no one has patience. Yes, we as consumers or internet users want everything to be fast and easy; hints why we choose to buy products online rather than in the store. Since time is money, you want to optimize your web design with efficient payment processing. Shopify web design is a perfect source to help you design payment process features that allow consumers to check out promptly. 

~Reach out to Shopify experts at our e-commerce web design agency in Los Angeles. 

Along with the checkout process being quick, make sure to optimize it with transparent prices, shipping information, and your return policy. In-depth payment details help consumers feel secure, encouraging them to continue purchasing products from your eCommerce business. 


As mentioned in previous blogs, efficient e-commerce web designs are more inclusive to all people, including those with disabilities. A web-accessible website helps your consumers with disabilities easily navigate throughout the product page. Web-accessible features create a broader range of consumers, thus increasing sales and credibility to your e-commerce brand. 

Additional Optimization Opportunities

  • Add reviews to the product page to build credibility 
  • Add rating such as yelp
  • Include a FAQ section below the product 
  • Implement a count-down near the call-to-action to influence consumers to make a fast purchase
  • Include social media links in the footer to gain a more extensive social following
  • Upsell similar products based on the consumers search history, connecting them to useful items that will lead to a more massive sale

Check out the Mad Mind Studios blog to learn more e-commerce marketing and eCommerce branding tips to increase sales. 

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