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Developing Your Brand as a Business- Mad Mind Studios revamps Castillo’s Building

Creating your business brand can be an overwhelming task, however, there are small things to take care of that will lead to a fresh look for your business. This involves conducting an online presence audit to see where your business could benefit from a few edits on social media profiles, online business profiles, and various different platforms.  

Business-focused profile:

Are you on Yelp? Make sure users are able to search your business name and quickly find your Yelp page in the results. Yelp should be fully filled out with hours of operation, contact information, website links, description of services, and a set of photos in the gallery section.

Google Address and Information:

So, let’s say someone Googles your coffee shop. Wait, what days are you open? Do you accept Visa or Mastercard? Lacking comprehensive information on your Google profile will most often hurt you more than it helps you. It’s the first place most searchers will look at.

business profile


-The link to your website

-Type of industry

-Physical address or P.O. box

-Hours of operation, including holidays you close

-Any reservation policy or appointment instructions

-Phone number or contact information

-Description of your business or About Us


Industry-specific forums and platforms:

Does it make sense for your cupcake shop to be on LinkedIn? Do not just create business profiles on different platforms for the sake of having them. If your audience is on special blogs or forums, then you should make a profile for your business and participate. If your demographic lives on Instagram, make a business profile and create stories to engage.

Mad Mind Studios revamped Castillo’s Building & Plumbing Co.’s brand image and online presence. By filling in information such as office building hours, as well as office location and directional information, our team refreshed Castillo’s online presence with quality rather than quantity. It makes sense that they have a Yelp account under Contractors, Plumbing, and Masonry/Concrete, as those are their specialties. Mad Mind Studios

From small companies to big companies, Mad Mind Studios creates brands from scratch, reevaluates strategies, and handles online management. Contact us today to receive a free consultation.

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At Mad Mind Studios, we offer comprehensive website audit and reporting services that can help you identify any issues with your website and provide recommendations to improve your online presence. Contact us today to learn more about our website audit and reporting services.