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CPG Logo Design: A Beginner’s Guide

If you want to make your company outshine the competition, you need outstanding branding. Branding is designed to set your business up to succeed by establishing a unique identity that makes it stand apart from the crowd and distinguishes it from all the rest. It’s an amazing creative process as your brand comes to life, complete with a personality all its own.

A logo is the visual symbol of your brand’s identity composed of an image, text, shapes, or a combination of any or all of the three.  Building a logo is like putting a face on a name. A great logo not only represents and identifies your company, but it also totally encompasses It by telling your brand story in a glance.

What’s Behind a Logo?

You may not have thought much about logos in the past. Believe it or not, that’s the idea behind them. Ideally, a lot of psychology goes into the creation of an exceptional logo and one of the key components is the subliminal messages behind the symbol. The color scheme, font style and size, and the graphic images all work together to send a message to the consumer.

One of the most recognizable logos in the world is Apple’s apple – and not just any apple, this apple has a bite out of it. What comes to mind when you see the ever-familiar logo? You may think nothing does or that you automatically associate it with a computer but that’s where you’re wrong.

The iconic apple with a bite out of it signifies modern, clean, crisp, and simple. The symbolic logo was strategically designed to trigger thoughts that Apple wants consumers to identify with their brand.

A lot of thought and creativity go into designing a memorable logo but it’s nothing that can’t be accomplished once you know how.

Why You Need a Logo for Your CPG

While most people agree that every business can benefit from having a logo, not everyone is sold on the need for having a logo for consumer packaged goods (CPG). There are a slew of reasons why CPG branding is important including:

  • First Impressions. First impressions are what sells (or fails to sell) your product. A great logo makes a positive first impression that drives successful end results.
  • The competition in the CPG industry is brutal. You need a powerful visual to make your brand stand out, so customers remember it.
  • Your logo will represent your CPG on social media, your website, and on your packaging.
  • Your logo tells your brand story, communicating what your company and your CPG stands for.
  • Trust. It’s a proven fact that logos create trust with your potential customers and existing customers too.
  • Brand Awareness. Your logo is designed to stick in the minds of your audience so that they can easily find your CPG.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it’s easy to see why not only do you need a logo for your CPG, you need an outstanding logo.

Creating an Incredible Logo

The best logo designs have several things in common. There are key factors to consider in order for your logo to elevate your CPG brand as it should. Some of the most important aspects include:


It’s a good idea to keep your logo simple so that your audience’s brain can easily retain and remember it. A simple logo is also easier to read and to print.


Think back to the apple logo. There’s no question that it’s an apple because it is…clearly an apple. You want to be sure to add clarity to your logo design, so no one has to wonder what it represents.


What sets apart a mundane logo and an exceptional one is the creativity behind it. The best logos provoke an emotion or thought. Whether your logo causes your audience to stop and think, to laugh, or to smile, make sure it causes them to do something. The way to achieve that is through innovative, creative thinking that’s outside the box.


If the logo on your brand doesn’t draw attention to it, you might as well have it redesigned. One of the most vital reasons for branding your product with a logo is so that it reaches out and grabs the attention of your audience.


The power of color psychology is nothing short of astounding. Through color choice in your logo and branding, you can greatly influence consumers. Certain hues are known to induce hunger while blue jects power and green denotes cleanliness and nature. Color psychology is very real and you’ll be seriously missing out if you don’t implement it into your logo and branding.


Logos shouldn’t be too small or too large or too soft or too bold. The proportions, darkness, and size should flow together to create a masterpiece.


Your logo should replicate your brand identity. The style and size of font chosen, the color pallet you use, and any graphics or images should all be carefully crafted in keeping with the story of your CPG brand, so its personality comes shining through. If you have a line of products and the heartbeat of your brand is “old timey goodness”, you don’t want a modern, minimalistic logo on your bread and the opposite on the rest. Customers love consistency. It builds trust.


Another thing to keep in mind is that your logo should look good in all sizes. Whether it’s blown up on a digital banner or is displayed on a small sticker, it should be legible and easy to recognize. Ideally it will also work well on multiple types of backgrounds.


A unique logo will stand out on the shelf and will also stick in the minds of consumers. Whether it’s catchy, cute, clever, or even beautiful or serene, having a unique logo is a must if you’re going to get noticed and drive successful results.

How to Get Started with Your CPG Logo Design

Now that you know why you need a CPG logo and what defines a great one, it’s time to find out how to design one. Here are some simple steps to follow for creating a logo you can be proud of:

Finding and Defining Your Brand’s Identity

First things first is identifying your brand by storytelling. What is it that inspired you to start your business? What makes your product unique? Do you have a mission with your brand?  All these things work together to weave the story of your CPU.

User Psychology

When crafting your logo, don’t forget the power of psychology. Choose colors, fonts, and graphics that represent what you are trying to accomplish.

Analyze and Create

The best combination in branding is a thoughtful mix of creative and analytics. Analyze your competition and your target customers. Implement the things you learn into artwork.

Bring it All to Life

Once you have done all your homework, it’s time to let your logo come to life. Your logo will take on a personality all its own if the steps are properly followed. This is one of the most exciting parts of being a business owner is watching your story unfold into a logo that is well-thought out and driven to bring results.

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