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Content Ideas to Get You Started with SEO Strategy- Mad Mind Studios with GuardTop

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of organic search engine results from algorithms that process websites for their content including written content on landing pages, meta descriptions, and blog content. The right SEO strategy will land you on the first page of Google!

Mad Mind Studios worked on GuardTop’s SEO strategy by creating Google ads and scouring through their website for any content that should be SEO optimized.

Let’s start looking for content inspiration!

Research and write on what you find:

Data is important because it logically backs up written content, as well as visual additions. Why not create your own research project or case study; developing a study for your own organizational purposes can be repurposed into a blog post.

People are already looking for interesting studies in your field and this is an organic way to bring more visitors who are already inclined towards your industry. Make important announcements and link back to your blog post and website.

Give up some praise for your clients:

It’s best to talk about what you know. What do you know the best other than your own work and client experience? If you made a great pitch deck for an emerging startup or managed a live-streamed conference event, talk about your accomplishments. This also advances your portfolio and lets future clients see your breadth of expertise.

Create some video content:

Bored of writing? Time to create some short videos. Write up an easy-to-read dialogue to either memorize if you choose to appear in front of the camera or read into the microphone. Develop a transcript that you can make into a Slideshare or blog.

If you don’t have the resources to develop a few Youtube videos, think about creating other multimedia content like GIFs, animations, 30-second videos for Instagram, or even a podcast.

Change up your descriptions and taglines:

It’s about time to refresh your voice! Reevaluate your brand voice throughout all components of your site, even the headlines of your previous blogs. Are your product landing pages descriptive for readers to go ahead and add to cart? Are your articles up-to-date? Mad Mind Studios went through GuardTop’s website to revise headlines and alt text, optimizing them for SEO purposes. 

How can they improve with the keywords that your audience tends to search for? Research using keyword research software (most are free!) and optimizing those so people find them while searching. 

Double check your call-to-actions:

Also, do not forget to add a variety of specific call-to-actions! These call-to-action buttons incentivize readers to:

  • Follow you on social media platforms
  • Subscribe to your email newsletter
  • Subscribe to your Youtube channel
  • Download an E-book
  • Request a quote

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