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3 Steps to Launching CBD Marketing Campaigns in 2019

2019 will be a big year for the Cannabidiol (CBD) industry– since the new Farm Bill passed, states will no longer be confused on how to regulate cannabis-derived products like CBD. This, in turn, will give CBD manufacturers and retailers more freedom in making and selling their products. But what does this mean for marketing campaigns for 2019?

You may have read this online, but at the current moment, you are unable to advertise any CBD/marijuana products on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, which is a big disadvantage to getting into this industry. Conventional advertising techniques can’t be used, so if you’re already hesitant to join the CBD industry, marketing your CBD product should be a concern. However, Mad Mind Studios has worked with CBD companies, launching marketing initiatives to grow CBD brands.

Since CBD is a newer, less-explored industry than traditional marijuana products, marketing managers and agencies need to be creative and edgy when it comes to CBD marketing. Traditional marketing techniques will prove to be a losing strategy for any emerging CBD brand, and we definitely recommend consulting an experienced CBD marketing agency before crafting a marketing plan.

With this in mind, here are 3 steps in launching CBD marketing campaigns in 2019:

CBD Product Branding Always Comes First

Who is your target customer? What does your target customer value? How do you want your target customer to perceive your brand? The questions can go on and on, but the point is that your CBD product branding needs to be solid before even launching the product. This step isn’t even unique to CBD products necessarily, but all product marketing in general. Make sure that you have an accurate and defining pitch for your product that is easy to market on your website and during pitches to retailers or investors.

Grow Organic Social Media Following

Just because you can’t advertise on social media doesn’t mean it’s a lost cause. We can never discount the value of strong organic followers on any social media account. The engagement and brand awareness that can be obtained from consistent posting of quality content can be great for generating a bigger buzz and driving traffic to your ecommerce website if you have one. Although Google isn’t a social media, you still want to focus on your SEO as well to get organic traffic to your website. We were able to help Kickback Cold Brew rank for CBD coffee and CBD tea through our CBD SEO techniques as well.

Generate a PR Buzz

CBD is still a new product and the industry is still buzzing. Developing a solid PR strategy in the beginning by making relationships with journalists, media outlets, and social media influencers can help generate the brand awareness you need to grow. Often times, it just takes one good brand mention online for a CBD company to grow substantially. While you cannot advertise as easy on social media, you are able to create an affiliate marketing campaign with media outlets to drive traffic to your website as well. Ultimately, PR can be the strongest CBD marketing effort you do for your company.

Since Mad Mind Studios is experienced in the CBD industry (having grown multiple products with branding, packaging design, web design, social media marketing, and more), we are confident we can help you with your CBD product. Reach out to us at info@omidm1.sg-host.com or 424.317.0028 for a free consultation today!

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