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Rich Chicks offers an enticing combination of delicious and nutritious chicken. When this client came to us, we understood that promoting a farm-to-table concept required a tailored approach that highlighted the freshness and quality of their offerings. Our team was ready to hatch a plan for a winning strategy for success.



When our client approached us, they faced the challenge of establishing a strong brand presence in the highly competitive food industry. The primary challenge was to create a cohesive and memorable brand identity while effectively conveying the farm-to-table concept that sets them apart. They needed solutions for their off-line presence as well so they would stand out at tradeshows. We knew we had to make it all come together in a powerful way if this food company was going to get the attention and business they deserved.


Welcome to Rich Chicks

Our design experts created a logo for the client that was simple and easy to recognize and remember. We established a brand identity that reflected Rich Chicks’ nutritious chicken and wholesome values. We made sure to showcase plenty of photos of their delicious menu items as well as the menu itself. Adding video animation made for a fun and unique way to promote the brand. Furthermore, we designed apparel and a tradeshow booth to grab in-person attention for them. As Rich Chicks continues to serve customers and the community, our marketing strategies ensure that their brand remains as fresh as their farm-to-table chicken.

Branding & Identity Design

Creating brand identities.

Rich Chicks’ journey to success began with a challenge: establishing a strong brand presence in the fiercely competitive food industry while authentically conveying their farm-to-table essence. We crafted a brand identity that creatively relayed the freshness and wholesomeness of their nutritious chicken offerings. Our design experts designed a distinctive logo, showcased delectable menu items, and employed captivating video animations to create a memorable and cohesive brand identity. From offline materials like apparel and tradeshow booths to their online presence, we ensured Rich Chicks’ brand remained as vibrant as their farm-to-table chicken, making them a standout force in the industry.

Website Design

Excellent website design positions your brand for success.

We transformed Rich Chicks online presence with a website that reflects their commitment to quality and farm-to-table goodness. Our web design experts crafted a user-friendly and visually engaging platform that showcases their mouthwatering menu items. We integrated captivating visuals and interactive elements to create an immersive online experience for customers. We also made it interactive to accommodate orders. The result is a website that not only informs but also leaves a lasting impression, making Rich Chicks stand out in the competitive food industry.

Print Marketing

Ignite success with personalized print marketing solutions.

Print marketing further elevated Rich Chicks’ brand presence. We designed captivating print materials, including brochures, flyers, and posters, that effectively conveyed the farm-to-table concept while showcasing their delicious menu offerings. These print materials played a vital role in offline marketing efforts, leaving a memorable impression on their audience at trade shows and in-store promotions. Through our print marketing strategies, Rich Chicks continued to make a significant impact in the food industry, ensuring their brand remained as fresh as their farm-to-table chicken, and ultimately leading to marketing success.

Trade Show Marketing

Ensure your brand is the buzz at your next trade show.

At Rich Chicks, our comprehensive marketing strategy extended to trade shows, where we ensured their offline presence stood out in the competitive food industry. We designed a captivating trade show booth that effectively showcased Rich Chicks’ farm-to-table concept and mouthwatering menu. Our trade show marketing strategy combined eye-catching visuals with engaging presentations to attract and retain attendees’ attention. By creating an immersive and memorable experience at trade shows, we helped Rich Chicks connect with potential customers, fostering business growth and lasting success

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