Nevera Juice Bar

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We worked with Nevara Juice Bar to freshen up their on and offline presence, which according to our client, had gone stale. After implementing some cutting-edge changes and adding mouth-watering visuals, the end result was simply amazing.



Our client brought to our attention the fact that their company’s digital marketing needed a makeover. The Nevera Juice Bar logo and website were outdated, and there was a serious shortage of essential promotional materials, such as menus. Additionally, there were very few visuals within their stores, and they lacked a community page to share specials and updates. Essentially, a complete rejuvenation of the juice bar marketing was in order.


Welcome to Nevera Juice Bar

Our journey with Nevera Juice Bar began by revamping their branding, starting with the logo. We opted for a fresh and natural look, selecting a color palette of plumb and sage. The logo itself featured clean typography with a single leaf accent, symbolizing the natural ingredients. Our team then redesigned their website, incorporating custom graphics for a visually appealing experience. We also designed custom posters for each store to maintain a consistent atmosphere. We created engaging flyers and executed an EDDM campaign, enhancing their outreach. Additionally, we improved their mobile app for a better customer experience. These changes contributed to Nevera Juice Bar’s visual identity and growth. Our strategic guidance helped Nevera Juice Bar expand from 2 to 4 locations.

Branding & Identity Design

Taking brand identity to the next level.

Our expertise in branding and identity design played a pivotal role in revitalizing Nevera Juice Bar’s image. We gave their brand a fresh and natural appearance, starting with a logo makeover. Opting for a color palette of plumb and sage, we created a logo that combined clean typography with a single leaf accent, symbolizing the natural ingredients used in their products. This new branding approach set the tone for a rejuvenated visual identity that resonated with their audience. It was a transformation that breathed life into their marketing and helped establish a cohesive and appealing brand presence.

Print Marketing

Spreading brand messages with print marketing.

Our print marketing efforts for Nevera Juice Bar were all about elevating their presence and ensuring a consistent brand image. From captivating posters that graced their stores to engaging flyers and an effective EDDM campaign, we left no stone unturned. Every piece of print material was designed to captivate and inform, making a lasting impression on their audience. These materials not only advertised their offerings but also contributed significantly to their expansion. Our strategic approach to print marketing played a vital role in revitalizing Nevera Juice Bar’s identity and boosting their brand.

Website Design

Refreshing the digital experience with an expert touch.

Our website design for Nevera Juice Bar was geared to create an engaging and immersive online platform that reflected the freshness and vibrancy of their brand. We started by revamping their outdated website, infusing it with custom graphics for a visually appealing user experience. The result was a modern and user-friendly website that showcased their products and values effectively. This digital makeover not only attracted new customers but also kept existing ones engaged. Nevera Juice Bar’s online presence has become a powerful tool for communicating their brand identity and driving growth.

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