Cultivating Success
Despite the Challenges


Kickback is an innovative brand featuring delicious and nutritious CBD-infused beverages. After meeting with the client, we were convinced that the obstacles he was facing were mere bumps in the road. Through our marketing expertise and passionate belief in this brand, we could and would overcome the roadblocks. It was time to kick our marketing expertise into gear for Kickback.



Our client brought us a complex challenge to tackle. They were positioned to enter the market with a unique range of high-quality tea, coffee, and lemonade products, all infused with CBD. The primary objective was to develop a cohesive brand identity that harmonized these diverse product lines under a single umbrella. In addition, the client was dealing with the fact that within some sectors, CBD was still considered taboo. It was clear a solution was needed to destigmatize their products. We needed to make sure the packaging and product presentation were inviting and memorable while overcoming this challenge.


Welcome to Kickback

To address this multifaceted challenge, we devised a highly creative solution. We crafted a logo in the shape of a leaf, ingeniously symbolizing all three product categories under one unified brand identity. This unique leafy logo not only bridged the gap between the different product offerings but also subtly conveyed the natural and wholesome ingredients, mainly CBD. This approach allowed Kickback to appeal to a wider audience while being transparent about their product composition. We went further by developing eye-catching packaging, implementing a cohesive content strategy to educate consumers about CBD, and designing an immersive website. Our comprehensive strategy positioned Kickback as industry pioneers, offering a memorable, approachable, and educational brand – successfully addressing the challenges that were faced.

Branding & Identity Design

Inventing innovative brand identities that make memorable impressions.

Our branding and identity design efforts for Kickback were aimed at creating a unifying visual identity for their diverse product range. The leaf-shaped logo we crafted ingeniously symbolized their high-quality tea, coffee, and lemonade products infused with CBD. This design not only bridged the gap between the different offerings but also conveyed the natural and wholesome ingredients of CBD, making Kickback approachable to a wider audience. With eye-catching packaging and a comprehensive content strategy to educate consumers about CBD, we transformed Kickback into industry pioneers with a groundbreaking brand that successfully addressed their challenges.

Website Design

Tailoring website designs as unique as the brands they serve.

Our print marketing goal was to bring the Boba Nation brand to life in the physical world. We designed captivating posters, engaging menus, informative flyers, and custom apparel, all reflecting their fun and inclusive personality. These materials not only showcased their diverse beverages but also created an inviting ambient atmosphere in their establishments. We wanted to ensure every encounter with Boba Nation left a memorable impression, reinforcing their brand’s spirit wherever their customers went. Through creative print marketing, we gave Boba Nation their initial boost and continue to help them stand out and connect with their customers, potential customers, and the community.

Print Marketing

Print marketing empowers lasting impressions.

Our print marketing strategies for Kickback were designed to extend the brand’s reach and educate consumers about their CBD-infused products. We developed eye-catching materials that conveyed the brand’s inviting, calm and cool memorable personality. From vibrant flyers to informative brochures, every piece of print material was a testament to Kickback’s commitment to quality and transparency. These materials not only promoted their products but also leave a lasting impression on potential customers who continue to see them, contributing to Kickback’s ongoing success in a challenging market.

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