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Happiest Ours offers a unique twist to mobile bartending. Clients can instantly book a bartender who brings the bar with them, including the alcohol. One of the biggest benefits to the setup is that customers only pay for the alcohol that is used, eliminating the problem of over or under ordering. As the company began to expand and explore additional areas of service, they needed dynamic marketing that could promote their progressive pace.



The client approached us seeking a distinctive logo to distinguish their mobile bartending and event party services. Given that Happiest Ours combines fun and festivity with a business-oriented approach, our challenge was to craft the ideal blend for their brand identity and print marketing.


Welcome to Happiest Ours

Our design team put their talents together and created an amazing logo – friendly and bubbly yet professional as well. We also designed apparel and flyers that consistently carried the message of their brand. When the company decided it was time to take their business to the next level, our professional writers and graphic artists collaborated to craft their investment and pitch decks. Through tailored marketing strategies

Branding & Identity Design

Bringing brand personalities to life.

Our branding and identity design services were instrumental in bringing Happiest Ours to life. We focused on crafting a logo that perfectly captured the unique blend of fun and professionalism that defines their mobile bartending services. The result was a logo that exudes friendliness and approachability, yet maintains a sense of professionalism, setting them apart in the industry. Beyond the logo, we carried this distinctive brand identity through every aspect of Happiest Ours’ presence. From selecting a cohesive color palette that projected warmth and excitement to designing eye-catching marketing material and apparel that reflected their vibrant personality, our efforts were aimed at ensuring consistency and memorability. This holistic approach to branding and identity design has not only differentiated Happiest Ours but also contributed to building a strong, recognizable brand that resonates with their audience.

Print Marketing

Print speaks volumes.

Our print marketing efforts were all about carrying the essence of Happiest Ours through various materials. From amazing apparel design to vibrant marketing material, we ensured that every print resonated with their brand message. These materials not only promoted their services but also left a lasting impression on potential clients, effectively continuing to advertise the Happiest Ours brand and creating a strong, recognizable presence in the market.

Investment Pitch Deck

Powerful presentations that produce successful results.

Our team, including professional writers, graphic design experts, and other talented members, collaborated to create an investment pitch deck for Happiest Ours. Our writers crafted persuasive content highlighting the company’s innovative mobile bartending concept and its value to potential investors. Simultaneously, our graphic design experts designed visually stunning presentations that captured Happiest Ours’ dynamic personality. This collaborative effort ensured a compelling pitch deck that played a crucial role in securing investments for the company’s expansion.

Full-service marketing renders real results.