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Reach Success with Strategic
and Creative Branding

Our goal as a Los Angeles branding agency is to provide services for each stage of your brand process. We aim to create a lasting impression in your customer’s minds by giving the proper brand experience through effective logo design and branding.

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Success Starts with
Powerful Branding

The most successful brands we know today did not appear out of thin air. Even our favorite companies had to start from scratch by establishing a solid brand strategy.

Branding is not just a beautifully designed logo. Everything from the brand positioning statement, logo, packaging, and website are all essential facets of branding. Each of these components positions your brand in the marketplace. The combination of these components forms your brand experience and customer perceptions.


Key Branding Questions to Consider

  • What are you promising your customers?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • What sets you apart from your competition?

  • How do you want to connect with consumers?

When starting a new business venture, defining your brand can become difficult. Our highly-trained team will lift the weight from your shoulders and help guide you through it all. Mad Mind Studios is a branding agency full of innovative minds that want to help you achieve success.


The Elements of
Brand Success

Branding Strategy: We’ll set the foundation of your brand by creating a positioning statement to use throughout all marketing campaigns.

Name and Taglines: We have a way with words! Our team will hone in on our creativity to offer outstanding names and taglines for your brand, products, and services.

Brand Collateral: Our designers produce logo designs, product packaging, and website designs for your brand. Our team of writers creates content centered around your brand for your website, brochures, and social media.

Brand Style Guides: A style guide includes the look-and-feel of your company’s brand. Your brand book will entail logos, mission statements, and designs that will be used to present a unified vision of your company.


Behind Every Successful Brand, There’s Us:

The partnerships we’ve made over the years bring us great joy. Each and every one of our clients have gained success from our services, and we are happy to have established lasting relationships with them.