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Our Process is Simple: Strategize. Create. Rollout

We say our process is simple because from the outside looking in, it appears to be so. In addition, we don’t want to confuse our clients with industry terms and colloquialisms, even if it does make us appear more knowledgeable. However, that doesn’t take away from how much value and dedication we put towards each and every project. No project we work on can be considered rudimentary or basic; a logo design sounds like one artifact that a business will need, but that logo becomes the face of the brand both on digital and print formats.

Step 1. Strategize

When a prospective client engages us with their vision, our first step in the creative process is to develop a strategy. We are meticulous in this step, as it sets the framework for the entire creative process. This strategic process, depending on the project size, can range from a couple days to a few weeks. Our team members will be assigned to the project based on the parameters and needs of the client to ensure that creativity and analytics are applied to our strategy. Building a marketing strategy requires many hours of market and industry research so that we can understand the target consumer better than your competitors. Building a brand strategy will be the central piece to a business’s brand for many years to come. While a marketing strategy should be dynamic, a brand strategy should be solidified. Ultimately, every variable in the process is accounted for before we begin.

Step 2. Create

Creating a brand is one of the most beautiful things in the realm of marketing. The brand identity that we create is designed to last many years, and maybe even for the rest of time. The logos we create serve at the centerpiece of the branding, making your business recognizable and distinguishable from the rest. The naming and taglines we create are checked extensively to ensure your business identity is not trademarked by another firm and that there is a special uniqueness that dwells within. This is the step that heavily relies on the strategic phase so that we have a creative direction that aligns with your vision. As creative visionaries, our marketing efforts are destined to showcase your brand as a leader in the industry, with credibility and virtues that are amicable and attract new clients. The potential for success is created in this step, but it isn’t until the final step that our work exemplifies your vision.

Step 3. Rollout

This phase is the most joyful out of the three for us (and our clients) as after a series of revisions and updates, their vision is now materialized. However, the fact that this step is joyful doesn’t mean that it’s the easiest. Rolling out a new brand, naming/tagline, or marketing strategy necessitates the utmost diligence on our end. This is where what we strategized for a few weeks and what we created in the meantime need to coalesce together and revealed to the public in an effective manner. Your new business identity or marketing plan should avoid any perturbations or disorders during the rollout phase as it risks the credibility of your new brand. Our meticulous work ethic shines in this phase, and we’re proud of all the brands that we have successfully helped from the beginning of the process to the end. Our approach leads the branding and marketing industry in client-relationships and satisfaction, making Mad Mind Studios truly a one-of-a-kind agency.