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America’s Best CBD Ecommerce Store and 5 Reasons Why

CBD products have boomed with its legalization across all 50 states, in addition to the legalization of marijuana in many states. The problem many retailers are now facing is finding a way to brand themselves in a way that stands out from the many competitors, and providing an easy way for customers to purchase their products. We worked with Kickback to create America’s best CBD ecommerce store that incorporates strong branding, an intuitive website, and a strategic marketing campaign to connect with their consumers.

What makes Kickback a great CBD Ecommerce store?

1. Branding

Kickback’s brand image is focused on health and wellness, with a friendly packaging that is welcoming to any demographic of buyers. They started by combining coffee and CBD in order to help busy individuals achieve a functional chill, and have now expanded to other CBD drinks as well. Their products are sold online, but they can also be found in health food stores like Erewhon and Rainbow Acres.

2. Packaging

The main focus of packaging design is usually the logo. We worked with Kickback on a logo that showcases their healthy, fun, and friendly brand identity. The rest of the package design on each beverage highlights the product features – including nano CBD, vegan ingredients, and main benefits.

3. WooCommerce

One of the main challenges that CBD retailers are facing is selling products online. Because the CBD industry is fairly new, regulations regarding online sales are still being adjusted. Finding a platform to process payments online is super important for any CBD wellness store in order to avoid a dip and sales, which is why extra consideration needs to go into building a website. WooCommerce currently supports CBD ecommerce, so we built an easy-to-use website for Kickback using this platform. Customers can easily navigate the website, learn more about products, and then check out using any major credit card.

4. CBD education

Another important feature on Kickback’s website is the blog page. They offer a lot of insight into the benefits of CBD, which is very useful for new visitors that may be interested but unfamiliar with the product. They also provide lab test results for each of their products so consumers know exactly what they’re getting.

5. Social media

A key element of our marketing strategy for Kickback is a strong social media presence. Posting quality photos and useful information, while responding to customers in the comment section can build a strong audience of people that are loyal to your brand. Kickback has also worked with several influencers which helped them reach even more people that were a part of their target demographics. Any CBD wellness store should consider amping up their Instagram and Facebook pages to tap into a wider audience.

Mad Mind Studios specializes in CBD wellness store web design, branding, logo design, and marketing. If you’re interested in boosting your brand’s online presence and creating an optimized ecommerce website, contact us at info@omidm1.sg-host.com.

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