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A Word from the Experts: Optimizing Your SEO Rank, the Importance of Logo Design, and Much More

The key to a successful product is fulfilling a need – like solving a problem. The key to a successful brand is giving your customers what they want. From your logo design to the content, you put on your webpage, the idea is to please those who are viewing it so in return, they become engaged and involved and ultimately provide the end result you are looking for…like sales.

When it comes to designing your website to delight your audience, it’s best to learn from the experts.

Logo Design Agency Suggestions

When it comes to what the public wants in a logo, professionals like Los Angeles branding agency experts, have found out firsthand what works…and what doesn’t.

A logo’s purpose is to serve as a mascot for your brand. It represents your company and should describe it in a glance. Many factors go into the making of an excellent logo design such as:

Iconic. A logo must be outstanding, so it is set apart from the rest or it won’t get noticed in the first place. It needs to make such an impact that it becomes embedded in the mind of your viewer so it is simple to remember and can easy to be recalled.

SEO Rank. Many brand owners don’t realize logos can rank in search engines. By optimizing your logo and your tagline, you’ll earn a top spot when users are searching for the keyword or keyword phrases you’ve used.

Promise. What is it that you are promising your customers? Are you going to solve a problem with your product? Is your service going to relieve them of frustration? Whatever it is that you are promising to fulfil from your brand should be very obvious through your logo.

Emotion. You may not have ever thought about your logo spurring an emotion. But it should. Think about some popular logos and how they make you feel. Do you get a sense of trust? Or maybe you feel the brand is powerful. Decide what emotion you would like for your brand to project and work towards implementing it through logo design.

Target Audience. It is better to generate your marketing to a specified group of people known as your target audience. A target audience is comprised of a certain age group or perhaps a desired economic sector or specified gender or ethnic group. The way that you would appeal to older people is much different than if you are selling to teens. Keeping your target audience in mind during the creation of your logo is highly recommended because it will help you focus on your preferred group rather than the masses.

How to Attain Logo Design Goals

To achieve the logo attributes above, your logo should factor in design principles such as:

Pop: Your logo should grab the attention of the viewer. To do that, you may want to use an image or symbol that is bolder than the rest of the logo or you can employ the use of colors that stand out. If your logo doesn’t pop, you won’t captivate your viewer and all else is in vain.

Inventive: A logo should be unique and original. It should capture the attention of the viewer because of a certain amount of innovation. It should also cause the viewer to think and rethink. It can be cute, classy, or clever but make sure it is something out of the ordinary if you want it to stand out above the rest that it is up against.

Balance: Your logo should look impeccably polished. It should appear in harmony, clearly representing what your brand is about without being too vague or chaotic. Alignment, symmetry, and spacing and all considerations when it comes to having a well-balanced log.

Color: Color should be based on psychology. What message do you want to send? Do you want your brand to project power? Use green or red if so. For natural and organic products, green is optimal. Yellow and orange are often associated with having fun. Think about the nature of your business through before deciding on your color scheme.

No Color: While space within a logo is priceless. It draws attention to the things that matter and keeps your logo from looking cluttered.

Font Size and Style: The size and style of font you choose speaks volumes about your brand. A child’s brand may have playful font whereas a serious technical product would more than likely be represented by no-nonsense font. Be sure your font is readable and appropriate in style and in size.

Hierarchy: Hierarchy is the order in which your logo tells your brand story. It gives the pieces of information to the viewer in order so it makes logical sense. That is why you might see “established in 2001” in small letters but in other logos, the date might be large and bold, typically seen when companies have been around for decades or centuries and their length of time in business is a bonus selling point.

Repetition: Repetition refers to the importance of a logo leading its viewer’s eye from one side of it to the other in a smooth fashion. Repetition makes for easy scanning and is conducive to your logo being easily remembered and recalled. Patterns with slight differences work well to achieve this feat as does having the same text is varying colors.

Contrast: Contrast is huge in successful logo design. Brains love patterns. Opposites attract so using well-thought-out contrast is an excellent way to catch the viewer off-guard, so the brand logo sinks into their subconscious minds as their brain figures the patterns out.

Dominance: When one visual element stands out beyond the rest, it is dominant. Having a dominant focal point in your logo will bring about a pleasant surprise and make the look and feel more dynamic and exciting.

Animation: Animated logos are ideal for capturing attention and telling your brand’s story. Imagine a bounce house rental company with font that literally jumps off the page.

Less is More: While it’s tempting to go overboard when creating your logo…don’t. Saying all that you can with the least you can will help your logo come out crisp and clear.

Aesthetically Pleasing: If your logo doesn’t please your viewer’s eye, he or she will not look at it for long. All that you have worked for in the logo will be lost if it is not visually successful.

General Consensus: It is a good idea to get opinions of others before committing to a logo so you can make sure it is all that you want it to be.

Turn to a Logo Design Agency and SEO Agency for Expert Work

The suggestions above will definitely help you if you are doing your own branding by teaching you ways to effectively implement SEO rank and stellar logo design. Experts agree however that it is always best to leave the professional work to the experts.

While you are tending to the shop and doing what you do to keep your business running, your logo design agency will be doing what they do best – creating an incredible logo and designing your full brand identity through your website, content, and other additions. Otherwise, you’ll be spending your precious time learning things the experts already know.

If you are looking for a branding agency in Los Angeles, be sure to check out Mad Mind Studios for logos, animation, content, and SEO that will put your company front and center.

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