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Seven WooCommerce Design Tips for a Beautiful and Scalable Online Store

Seven WooCommerce Design Tips for a Beautiful and Scaleable Online Store

Over 5,106,506 live websites use WooCommerce for their online stores. If you own one or intend to build one, you’ll want to heed these seven tips for a beautiful and functional store so you can attract customers and keep an upper edge on the competition.

How to Make an Online Store

When building your online store, you’ll have five basic options which include:

  • Having a website developer build your store
  • Using a website builder to construct your store
  • Using WordPress with WooCommerce and Bluehost
  • Building your online store with WordPress
  • Using a specified Ecommerce website builder

No matter which platform you choose, the first thing you’ll need to do is to develop your brand’s identity. That includes finding a great name, picking the color scheme that best represents it, having a logo design created, and bringing your brand to life with a personality and store. Past that, you will want to get a domain, and a website. Then, you’re ready to build your store.

Choose the method you’d like to use for building your online store and get started. The method you go with will determine what steps you’ll take in developing it.

WooCommerce Web Design

WooCommerce is an open-source plugin for WordPress. It is a great choice for building an online store due to the ease in WooCommerce design. While many websites are complicated to develop and design, WooCommerce simplifies the steps.

What is a WooCommerce Design Plugin?

The WooCommerce design plugin was downloaded an astounding 161,908,802 in 2022. A WooCommerce design plugin is a program that assists users in building their stores. It also boosts the functionality of the stores. The program serves as a foundation in which customization of your store can be built upon, allowing you to buy and sell goods (and services), accept and make payments, arrange delivery and shipment, and provide customers with the ultimate in customer service and secure transactions.

Factors to Consider When Designing Your WooCommerce Online Store

WooCommerce web design is quick and easy but there are seven considerations you’ll want to keep in mind including:

The navigation of your online store. Shoppers are busy and temperamental. They are not going to stick around on your site and certainly aren’t going to buy anything if you don’t make shopping a smooth and successful experience. Having an easy-to-find navigation panel in a place your shoppers expect to see it such as at the top, side, or bottom will help ensure they are able to look around.

Simplify with categories and subcategories. You want your products to be discoverable by creating categories and subcategories. In addition to making a better experience for your customers and increasing your chances for a sale, category pages help move you up in search rankings which is an advantage you certainly want to have. If you sell shirts, you can divide them into sections such as “long sleeved”, “short sleeved”, “t-shirts”, and “hoodies”. Putting yourself in the position of being the shopper is always a wise move.

Use color psychology. Colors spur thoughts and emotions. By researching what colors represent the feeling you are trying to convey with your brand, you’ll be able to reel your shoppers in. If your brand is organic, blues and greens are on track. Cheery feelings stem from bright colors like yellow and orange. Have a sophisticated line? Black, white, silver, and gold promote a formal and luxurious look and feel.

Create unique descriptions for your products. No one knows your products better than you do. When adding descriptions for them, it’s important to add your knowledge and expertise and to spice them up. If you aren’t a writer, work with someone who is so you can collaborate efforts into your input and their word craftmanship.

Add helpful plugin features. Make your online store’s shopping experience a pleasant one by adding extra plugin features such as Side Caddy, and

Consider Live Search. Customers are able to view the most relevant and most popular results with Live Search. The results are in real time so their entire shopping process can be expedited.

Add SEO in creative content that has internal links. Adding relative, interesting, and entertaining content is a big key to your online store’s success. You’ll come up higher on the search engine, give your shoppers information, and you’ll also have the potential of attracting shoppers who are searching for your keywords.

WooCommerce design isn’t complicated. But if you aren’t comfortable with your own design capabilities, you can always turn to an expert, like the highly experienced team at Mad Mind Studios. Reach out today to see what MMS can do for you and your WooCommerce store.

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