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Seven Reasons to Hire a Design Agency for your Pitch Deck

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There’s a lot riding on a pitch deck. It can make or break a loan approval, decipher whether money is invested in a company or not, and determine the fate of a charity organization. Despite the importance, many don’t place near as much priority on a pitch deck as they should.

Studies show that a potential investor spends an average of 2 to 3 minutes checking out a pitch deck. If you’ve not made a good impression during that initial time frame, you might as well pack up and go home.

Find out the elements that make pitch deck outstanding and why you should hire a professional design agency to achieve that for you.

What Makes a Pitch Deck Spectacular?

With so much competition and only a few minutes to wow your viewer, a pitch deck has to be incredible or else…

Some factors that make a pitch deck stand out in the crowd are:


The theme of your pitch deck is ultra-important. It’s your mission statement. What are your intentions? Where does the heartbeat of your product, project, or service lay? What is your brand story? All those things are brought to life in an outstanding, professionally orchestrated pitch deck.

Font Size and Style

Design agencies know all about fonts – the styles and size and what invokes certain emotions and messages. They also know how to balance the font on the pages and how to combine different fonts accordingly.

Color Choices

Color choices are extremely important. It’s imperative to be consistent with the colors of your brand and that you know and implement the psychology behind the colors that best represent your story. Professional design agencies are well-versed in choosing colors that speak louder than words.


Pitch deck agencies are trained in customizing productions to make the brand shine. They are pros at bringing out the best in your brand because they are marketing you by way of your show. A lot goes into a pitch deck and yours must have personality and character or yours will be just another one in the crowd.


If your pitch deck doesn’t engage, there’s no connection to move further on. Be sure your viewer feels like they are a part of the presentation, emotionally drawn it to support your cause and hear your story.

Forecasting Financials

While finances can be boring, when innovatively inserted into the presentation, forecasting finances can be informative and very useful. Through high-quality graphics, interesting fonts, and hints of neurosales throughout, a talented team of graphic designers can make the financial portion of your pitch deck go from mundane to magnificent.


The rhythm of your presentation is important to grabbing and maintaining your audience’s attention. It’s imperative to draw your viewer in with mention of the team then go on to introduce the problem and solution. You’ll also want to end with a stellar shot, all while rocking to the rhythm so to speak. Experts know how to make a presentation eb and flow discretely and get fabulous results by doing so.

Seven Reasons to Hire a Professional Design Agency

The difference between a well-planned, innovative pitch deck design and one that was thrown together by an amateur is obvious as are the final results of securing the capital you need. Hiring a professional design agency is far better than forgoing the funds you pitch deck is marketing. Here’s why:

  1. Capture your audience.

It’s not easy captivating an audience. Investors are busy. It is up to you, through your pitch deck, to grab their attention and hold it. You want to induce an emotional experience. If you don’t, you won’t go far. An expert knows how to capture attention and reel the viewer in, ultimately driving desired results.

  1. It’s impressive.

Not only is a professional pitch deck designed to be impressive as a presentation, the person or group you are soliciting will be impressed by the fact you went the extra mile to have it created by an expert. Failure to do so can be portrayed as lack of enthusiasm and concern for the project. Sure, you’ll pay to have a professional pitch deck created. But then again, you’ll pay for not have it properly presented too. The choice is yours if you want to invest in the potential investor or leave everything up to chance and a good bit of luck.

  1. Time management matters.

While you are working on other things, like your scheduling and collecting data, the agency will be busy creating your professional pitch deck. An expert in the field already knows how to skillfully put a pitch deck together while you’d be scrambling to learn and then pull it off.

  1. Consultation is typically available.

You may have questions or concerns about your pitch deck such as the overall process or the presentation. A pitch deck expert can help walk you through it, step by step. Furthermore, a consultant will skillfully present a problem to the viewer and solve it though what your brand has to offer. This is accomplished through every aspect of the presentation and extends to the font, color palette, imaginary and graphics, text, and even the subliminal messages.

  1. Knowing beats guessing.

Do you know the ideal number of slides an early-stage startup works best with? Do you know the most attractive font size that’s the easiest to see on a pitch deck presentation? A professional pitch deck agency does. Your presentation is too important to leave to guesswork. Leave it to those who know the show inside and out.

  1. Gain creditability.

A professional pitch deck gives your brand credibility which is vital when you are asking for a contribution, loan, or investment.

  1. Graphics rule.

One of the most important reasons to use a graphic design agency for your pitch deck is the graphics. Graphics are the designer’s speciality. Graphics are powerful when properly executed. They captivate attention, draw your viewer in, illustrate points, and so much more. If for no other reason, hire a design team for their contribution of graphics.

Hiring a Professional Pitch Deck Agency

Over 1,000 pitch decks are created every day, in California alone. One percent of pitch decks make the cut with investors. To make sure yours stands out from the crowd and drives the results you want, be sure to hire a pitch deck design agency like Mad Mind Studios that has the experience and expertise required to make your project picture perfect.


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