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5 Worst Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing should be relevant, consistent, and valuable to your target audience. Often overlooked, this type of marketing saves businesses extra costs, increases their sales, and retains a more devoted customer base in the long term. A lack of creativity through fresh emails, print materials, and great posts lead to potential customers ultimately unsubscribing from a company’s emails.

1. Not understanding your niche.

If you don’t understand who you’re marketing to, you’re already at a disadvantage. Potential readers can turn into customers, partners, or even loyal brand ambassadors.

What does your audience find valuable? This research goes beyond just learning the demographics of your audience, but really taking the time to understand what their goals are, their capabilities, and their daily routines. Understanding your niche will help specify what makes you stand apart from competitors.  

2.  Using TOO many keywords.

We’ve all come across gimmicky sites or advertisements that seem to say the same things over and over. Not fun to look at, right? This “keyword fatigue” tends to overuse and recycle the same phrase or specific word in order to rank higher on search engines.

However, when your content becomes repetitive, it results in confusing search engines and negatively impacts your rankings and SEO.

3. Failing to tell a story.

It’s easy to see that people are driven by storytelling. A good story remains in our minds longer, gives us perspective on issues, and facilitates emotional connections.

Bad content will make possible readers shy away-within seconds. There’s no need to strategize creating a viral moment, but it is important to plan and construct a compelling message. Studies show that stories engage customers to a greater extent than reading data or straight factual information. It’s much easier for us to remember stories than long paragraphs of text and research.   

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4. Not diversifying your content.

Think about the companies you admire and follow regularly. They don’t just exist in brick-and-mortar. You’re subscribed to their monthly newsletter, follow them on Twitter, like their pictures on Instagram, listen to their podcasts, or watch their videos on Youtube.

In the same way, you want your business to provide your audience with many different ways to connect with your brand.

5. Forgetting to measure your performance.

What good is crafting a beautiful message on your website, social media, and other channels if you don’t know the effect it had on your audience? Take time to collect data and analyze it with your team to figure out which posts had the most engagement.

Properly managing your content marketing strategy saves you time and stress. It delivers metrics you can take action on, improving your overall marketing approach.

Imagine being enticed to go into a store because the windows are dressed up, it’s colorful and interesting- you walk in and it’s empty inside. Metaphors aside, this is exactly what happens when businesses lose customers because they cannot provide them anything more than a shiny website.

Consumers crave good content- readers and shoppers alike want substance because it’s what keeps them coming back. Content marketing strategies optimize your brand and give you opportunities to be relevant in your industry.

So make your content count!

Mad Mind Studios is a marketing, branding, and web design agency based in Los Angeles, California.

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