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5 Ways You’re Missing Out On Your Target Audience

What is a target audience?

Every brands’ target audience varies depending on their product, location, and brand identity. Do a little research on what kind of consumers would most likely use your product – are they Instagramming millennials? High-income businessmen without kids? Suburban moms that work part-time? Really dig into what demographics your audience belongs to so you can strategize what the best way to connect with them is.

Find niche bloggers and vloggers

Bloggers have become such a popular source of entertainment and resources that many use to make a substantial income from posting personal content on their own website or channels. Brands pay big money for sponsored content on these blogs, and for good reason. They are seen as a reliable and authentic to their audience, so when they feature a product their followers trust that they support it and are much more likely to try it (rather than buying after seeing a traditional ad).

Partner with other brands

Double your visibility by partnering with another brand and cross-promoting! You don’t have to team up with a competitor in your industry – try finding a company that compliments your product or service (think of them as the peanut butter to your jelly). For example, if you sell activewear clothing partnering up with a gym could be a great fit.

find your target audience

Use targeted ads

Targeted ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram are an amazing tool for making sure the right people see your ads at the right time. They use consumer data like age and location, as well as specific interests and online behavior to very specifically target people that are most likely to take action on your ad. Even small businesses can use online ads because you’re able to set any budget that works for you.

Get on social media

Make sure your business has social media profiles created on popular networks like Facebook and Instagram where people go to find new brands and see recommendations from influencers. Interacting with accounts similar to your brand, using hashtags, and partnering with relatable influencers could help you easily build an online community that resonates with your company.

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