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Five Tips to Create Premium Packaging for Your Corporate Gifting

Five tips to create premium packaging for your corporate gifting

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The holidays are quickly approaching and soon, it will be time for corporate gift giving. Rather than it being obligatory drudgery, why not make it fresh, fun, and…profitable? From the packaging design to the gift inside, your holiday gifting can be spectacular this year.

Reasons for Corporate Gifting

While it’s customary to give corporate gifts for occasions like Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanaka, and New Year’s, it is also thoughtful to give for birthdays, company milestones, and for no reason at all. Gifting is not only a great gesture to corporate businesses, partners, clients, and employees, it is also good for business.

The Importance of Premium Packaging Design

Your packaging design speaks volumes about your company image. If your packaging is cheap, your company will be portrayed as such. But if your gift box packaging is outstanding, your company will be associated with being first class.

The packaging design of your gift should be high quality, creative, and should also reflect what’s inside. It should be considered part of the present, something that you spent thought, time, and a little money on. Your investment will not come back void. Business associates, clients, and any other recipient will appreciate what you put into the packaging design.

Helpful Hints for Creating Premium Packaging

Now that you realize how important the package is, here are five fabulous suggestions on how to make your corporate gift packaging incredible:

Corporate Goodie Bag Ideas

Putting together a combination of small gifts takes pressure out of the equation because if a recipient isn’t overly fond of one item, there are other items in the mix as well. It also gives you a chance to show off your creativity and have your company name on items. Pens, pencils, magnets, notepads, bookmarkers, magnifying glasses, mugs and drinkware, candy, and packaged food can be customized with your company logo and even a short message or slogan. Other innovative corporate goodie bag ideas include creating a thematic assortment such as items centering around the upcoming holiday. You can choose a theme that correlates to your business. If you sell facial products, a personalized eye mask, some of your products, and a loofa sponge would be ideal because it would promote your business too.

High End Corporate Swag

If your clients lean to the wealthier side, giving luxury gifts is suggested. From customized ear buds with your company name on them to an expensive bottle of wine or prized liquor, there are many exclusive luxury gifts to choose from. You’ll want to ensure that to use corporate gift packaging that represents your company and possibly also adds a festive flair such as a holiday twist or elegant touch.

How to Pack a Gift Creatively

Packing your gift with care and creativity is like the icing on a cake. It adds a personal touch and keeps the gift from getting damaged too. You can pack the gift in colored paper shreds or tissue, or in Styrofoam peanuts. You can even order paper shreds with your company name on them. The style you use for packing the gift will greatly depend on what’s inside such as if it’s something breakable.

Out of the Box Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are nice to give because they can be part of the present if the gift packaging design is amazing. Learning how to design a gift box is not difficult but if you aren’t up for it, you can employ the help of a professional package design team. Corporate gift boxes for employees might include desk supplies and serve as a pencil holder as well. The sky is the limit to the possibilities as long as you think outside the box.

Gift Packaging Design

Be sure the box or container you are using is appropriate for the size of the gift. Your present will look dinky if it’s small and the box is large. You also won’t want the box cramped. The gift packaging design itself should reflect the occasion or be an extension of your brand. For instance, if you are in the CBD product business and it’s the holidays, you could have a CBD leaf decorated as a Christmas tree and your true logo could be off to the side on a smaller scale. If you are gifting champagne for a New Year’s present and you own a baby business, you could

How to Design a Gift Box

There are some basic concepts you’ll want to adhere to when creating a corporate gift design for your box. First, define the purpose of the box and make sure the details are communicated to the packaging company you’re working with. This should include size, quality, color, and aesthetic and branding designs. Determine Next, add your content and determine if the box suits the purpose it was intended to. The gift inside should be safe from becoming damaged. Then, you’ll want to have the boxes printed with the design you’ve decided upon. If they are to be mailed, you may consider having the addresses printed on ample space for you to handwrite them or stick on a label.

Need Help with Your Corporate Gift Packaging?

Corporate gift packaging should be high quality so you’ll want to hire an expert to do the job. Be sure to check out the amazing team at Mad Mind Studios to see what we can do for you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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