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5 Tips for Your Black Friday and Cyber Monday Social Media Campaigns

It is now the 4th quarter of 2019, and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching. What does that mean for business owners? That means millions of people are anxiously waiting to toss that turkey in the oven and blow the dust off their credit cards. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are on its way as we have officially entered the best time of year for your company, the season of hard-core shopping.

According to the National Retail Federation, the 2019 holiday retail sales during November and December are expected to increase between 2.8 percent and 4.2 percent, totaling 727.9 billion and 730.7 billion. To benefit from this massive flux of shopping, it’s a must to market your brand and products efficiently. Aside from logo designs and web designs, social media has become a revolutionary tool for increasing brand awareness. We highly suggest taking full advantage of the platforms and creating strategic plans to gain attention. 

To help your company retrieve the best sales results during this holiday season, we’ve created a list of our top 5 tips for social media campaigns.

Social Media Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

1. Plan and Schedule Your Posts

Because timing is everything, planning your social media calendar a few days ahead can make Black Friday and Cyber Monday easier to manage. There are so many third-party tools out there like Hootsuite and Sprout Social that businesses can use to schedule social media posts. 

In addition to having automated posts, it’s best to schedule a few before each holiday, so people are well informed of the type of deals your company will be offering. Check out the “best times to schedule your posts” for more details on which time and days receive most attraction. 

2. Create an opt-in

A great way to generate new leads is to invite customers to opt-in to your newsletter before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Encourage them to sign up to get a sneak peek of exciting, upcoming deals or to send coupons created explicitly for email subscribers only. The more email subscribers, the more sales for future campaigns. 

Mad Mind Studios is a local Los Angeles marketing agency, that helps create newsletters for eCommerce advertising to build your online market. 

3. Use Hashtags

Hashtags are incredibly important when using social media. Before creating your social media posts, do some research on proper hashtags to use during your campaign. Hashtags can increase your amount of followers and views to your profiles. Although it’s good to use the yearly tags such as #BlackFriday, #BlackFriday2019 or #CyberMonday2019, try looking into daily trending tags such as #HolidayGiftGuide or #GiftsforHer, etc. Also, include hashtags describing your product, for example, Mad Mind Studios would hashtag marketing agency Los Angeles, or advertising agency in la. It lets our audience know exactly what we offer and how we can assist them. Remember, each hashtag will target a specific audience.  

4. Extend Offers to Cyber Monday

Black Friday is known as the day where people line up hours before the stores open, to then rampage aisle after aisle. It can be uncomfortable and in certain situations, quite dangerous. However, with technology and the e-commerce industry growing, more customers are taking their holiday shopping online. As a result, many e-commerce sites have extended their Black Friday deals into the weekend, leading to Cyber Monday. This is an excellent method to build a positive relationship with consumers who enjoy your brand. The more opportunity to save a few bucks, the better customers will review your brand to others. 

Create a few social media posts highlighting your most popular product. It may influence those who already purchased a Black Friday deal to buy a few more items before the weekday arrives. 

5. Create a Sense of Urgency

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales should have extremely time-sensitive deals. Creating a sense of urgency through social media can attract customers to purchase your products as quickly as possible. Use language such as ‘Today Only’ or ‘Limited Number Available’ as an incentive because no one wants to miss out on what they believe to be the BIGGEST SALE of the year. 

Tip to remember: when creating content for the holidays, make sure your branding is consistent throughout all platforms. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Marketing

It’s just as essential to creating marketing campaigns year-round as it is to create holiday sales posts. If you need assistance with your digital marketing strategy for Instagram advertising or Facebook advertising, reach out to Mad Mind Studios. Our Los Angeles marketing agency specializes in branding and social media campaigns.

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