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5 Features Your E-commerce Website Could Be Missing

Whether you have an established brick and mortar store in addition to a website or are launching your store entirely online, there are a few key features your e-commerce website needs in order to stay successful.

Newsletter signup feature

One important tool for getting visitors to keep coming back to your website is creating an email signup list. This can be at the top, bottom, checkout, or a popup on your website that prompts people to get news updates from your company. After you have a list of emails, you can send out daily, weekly, or monthly newsletters depending on your business (just make sure you’re not spamming them!). Keeping website visitors in the loop on sales and new products will help turn them into loyal, repeat customers.

Interesting blog posts

Creating a blog for your company’s website encourages your audience to get to know you more and keeps them updated, while at the same time helping your website search engine rankings. Topics to include on your blog may be company news, industry trends, client or team members highlights, or new product announcements. Research popular keywords that potential customers may use to find your company on search engines, and make sure to include them in blogs to help boost your SEO.

e-commerce website reviews

Positive reviews from your customers

Potential customers love reading reviews about your product or service before making a purchase, so displaying positive feedback on your website is a great idea. Responding to comments or questions is also helpful for connecting with customers and boosting overall satisfaction. In addition to a review on each product page, you can highlight positive quotes from happy customers on your homepage.

SSL certificate

An SSL certificate is the small padlock symbol you see on authorized websites right next to the web address. Certified websites start with “https” rather than “http”. This digital certification allows secure connections from a web server to a browser. When a viewer sees that you have an SSL certified website, it makes them feel more comfortable visiting your site knowing that their information and device is not at risk. Adding a secure shopping cart is also important for helping customers feel safe shopping on your e-commerce website.

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