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5 Do’s and Don’ts of Web Design


DO use easy-to-read fonts.

Fonts and typography set the tone of your business. Thinner lines and sans serif fonts indicate modernity and minimalism. Bolder, serif fonts reflect a more powerful, traditional tone. Choosing the right font has to also match your broader company brand, along with its logo. Double-check to see if your content is the right font size as well if people have to zoom in, you probably have to enlarge the size.

DON’T ignore your color scheme.

Make sure your color palette is consistent and relevant. Cooler colors, like blue and green, symbolize calm or soothing moods, while warmer colors, like oranges and reds, are used to symbolize movement. Color palettes can make or break a brand identity due to inconsistency and organization. These colors have to speak to your brand at large- do they make sense with your logo?

DO think about adding multimedia to your page.

Along with adding eye-catching images to your landing page and throughout the rest of the website, you should also consider adding some multimedia content as well. Multimedia can mean GIFS, videos, stop animation, and interactive designs.

Dos and Don'ts Web Design

DO ensure that the loading speed is quick.

Your website could be functional, designed perfectly, and have relevant content- but if it doesn’t load fast enough, it’s not working. Heavy graphics, low-resolution pictures, and complex files need to go, as well as seeing that you’re paying for a quality hosting service with your web host.

Lots of online traffic can also cause your website to load more slowly, so it’s a double-edged sword. Be sure to install updated software on WordPress, Wix, or whichever site you use for your company.

DON’T ignore the mobile versions of your website.

More people are going mobile. Whether it’s shopping online on smartphones, ordering food deliveries, or ridesharing, going mobile is key for many customers. Assuming that a big portion of your target audience will use their mobile devices, it is essential to design your website accordingly.

Test out your website on different mobile devices like Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. Are the graphics coming out as intended? Did it load quickly? What about the functionality of buttons and menu bars?

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