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5 Austin-Based Businesses to Follow on Instagram

Everything is bigger in Texas- even business. Small startups and other businesses are seeing great success in cities like Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Cities like Austin attract entrepreneurs from every walk of life who say that they find a strong sense of community here.

The economy thrives off of small businesses, as they create new jobs in the U.S. every year. They also develop a tight-knit community of neighbors, owners, and customers. Support from communities keeps local businesses running. Music, culture, food, and community develop great local hotspots for those living in the area, and even those just visiting.  

Texas is business-friendly, and its capital, Austin, is especially on the rise as a hub of local innovation. Check out fun Instagrams from these businesses based in Austin to see what you’re missing out on in the Lone Star State.

Black Star Co-Op

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If you’re a brewery fan or a foodie, then the Black Star Co-Op is a must-follow. This is the FIRST cooperatively owned brewpub, and it’s located right in Austin. Pictures of food that makes your mouth water? Sign us up!

An increasing amount of businesses are turning towards the co-op structure because of its many benefits, both for the workers as well as for the community. With better working conditions and a sense of empowered independence, it’s not hard to see why people love the co-op model.

Vodka for Dog People -Tito’s

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A lot of friends you know might have a side Instagram account (or a few). Well, Tito’s Vodka (@titosvodka) has a side account full of cute pups- and for a good cause. Tito’s @vodkafordogpeople pairs up with Emancipet (@emancipet) to provide affordable veterinary care for pet owners in Austin.  


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Mitscoots is a retail company with the philanthropic mission of providing clothing to homeless individuals, as well as offering employment for transitioning homeless individuals. When you buy a t-shirt, scarf, socks, or hat, Mitscoots gives an equal item to someone in need.

Globe Kick

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With origins in Austin, GlobeKick builds meaningful relationships with travelers who are thirsty for adventure around the world. Their Instagram makes us want to pack up our bags and go.


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TWYLA brings special limited edition artists’ prints to your home, and they’re affordable. Their quality ensures the best materials, along with an easy financing plan because they understand that feeling of hanging up a new frame to complete your room.

Instagram can skyrocket a startup or small, local business. Think of it as the public face of your budding company. Yes, it’s that important! Instagram is not just a social media platform, but a marketing tool you should use to educate your target audience about your product or service.

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