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4 Practical Reasons To Be Using Facebook Ads

Mad Mind Studios is the most trusted and responsive Facebook Paid Ads Agency. We have many current and past clients who recommend our Facebook ads marketing services, all of which are completely satisfied with the end results. We have compiled a list of the top 4 reasons you should be considering using Facebook Ads to advertise your products or services.

1. Social Media Is More Popular Than Ever

Facebook is a huge tool for social media marketing and a great platform to utilize the opportunity for paid advertisements. Facebook has one of the largest amount of engaged users, which calls for a lot of open space to promote your product or services. People also tend to spend more time when on Facebook than any other social media sites. That is due to Facebook being desktop friendly, and also being a platform where people typically write a lot more and share more personal thoughts. Facebook Paid Ads gain a lot of attention because when people are logged onto Facebook, they typically have more available time to be able to browse.

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2. Great For Targeting

Facebook Paid Ads have the ability to target very specific audiences. Businesses are able to track demographics, interests, age, location, etc. This makes Facebook Paid Ads a great tool for gaining the appropriate audience for your brand. You can even target more broad spectrums, and go for friends of friends if you want a larger reach.

3. Remarketing

Remarketing is a cost-effective tool when used by marketers for Facebook Paid Ads. It is a powerful way to re advertise a product or service, reminding the targeted audience of their interest in it. It is a great way to eventually close that deal. The more a potential customer is exposed to your product/service, the more likely they are to buy it when they eventually decide to make that purchase.

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4. Call To Action

Call to action buttons serves as many different functions and benefits. It is important to always include a call to action on your Facebook Paid Ads to achieve the main purpose of the ad being up. You want potential customers to click on the call to action button, which directs them to your site, which potentially closes a sale. Due to there being many different purposes for call to action buttons, you must put thought behind your CTA to achieve your individual end goal.

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