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4 Marketing Definitions You Need to Brush Up On

Sometimes, it’s good to go back to basics. Basic marketing concepts and terms must be revisited when drawing up ideas and content for a new campaign. We often overlook these basic terms because they are simple- yet, they make a huge impact when recognized as the foundation of any great marketing campaign.

1. Analytics

Data should be your best friend when you’re a marketer or a business owner. Why? It’s a fool’s game to put out content on your website, social media, and other venues without the proper research and analytics reporting. It’s essential to pinpoint the dates and times of your social media content, as well as the number of followers and readers you have at the point of beginning.

2. Call-to-Action

A great call-to-action puts emphasis on ACTION. It is frequently the call that must be creatively redesigned, as it must attract the attention of your target audience. Plan out your strategy so you know exactly what types of outcomes you’re measuring: are they subscribing to your channel or newsletter? Are they following your social media or page? Are they buying a product? It is your job to lead them to this call-to-action, whether it’s stimulating animations, social media content, or a company blog.



3. Engagement Rate

For all you social butterflies, the key to a successful social media campaign is the praise and feedback. How do you measure people’s reactions or interest on social media platforms? The engagement rate allows you to see just how many people interact with your unique content.

Usually, engagement rates are shown in the content analytics within the business version of each platform. So make sure you’ve created a business profile for your company instead of a personal profile!


4. Mobile Optimization

Mobile-friendly is the new marketing mantra. To create a beautiful website means creating a mobile-friendly website, which leads us to our last point: optimizing and innovating your website and overall marketing strategy for mobile. Loading time, appropriate graphics, and easy-to-use interface are all important factors in how users react and engage with your brand.

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