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3 Ways You Can Use Google AdWords For E-Commerce Sales

madmindstudios - January 15, 2019 - 0 comments

Generating traffic online tends to be a goal for every business, but if you’re in the e-commerce industry, generating traffic to your website is the only way to make money to keep business going. While there are many ways to drive traffic to your website, one tried-and-true method that e-commerce companies and companies in nearly every industry is using Google AdWords.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing for e-commerce can be a great way of not only driving traffic to your website, but targeted traffic that has a higher probability of resulting in a conversion action being completed on your website. Sounds easy, right? Well, if it was, everyone would use it to the highest degree and everyone would increase sales numbers substantially. That would be true if competition didn’t exist, but it does.

Nothing is easy in e-commerce digital marketing, and that includes PPC marketing with AdWords. We definitely recommend consulting with a digital advertising agency with experience in the PPC realm before you dive into it yourself. There are a lot of ways to waste money with AdWords, and even fewer ways to make it successful for your e-commerce business.

Here are 3 ways you can use Google Adwords for E-Commerce sales:

Traditional AdWords Search Acquisition

You can think of this as the main vehicle for how businesses garner traffic from Google AdWords. Whenever you search for something, you likely (unknowingly) inserted a keyword or a phrase in that search that will pull up some (hopefully) relevant ads. These ads will appear at the top of the search engine, giving you the best chance at getting a new customer to your website.

PPC marketing with Google Search is an absolute must if you have the advertising budget available.

YouTube Advertising

You’ve probably seen YouTube ads all the time– usually, they’ll come up before you watch a video. You can typically skip most ads, but some ads are required that a viewer watch the entire thing. I know these ads get annoying, but they have the potential to work. You actually use Google AdWords to advertising on YouTube, so an AdWords account and a YouTube account are necessary to advertise. We recommend having a YouTube channel with content on it, profile picture, and channel design to make it look more professional.

YouTube advertising isn’t very expensive (you pay-per-view), but if your targeting is off, you won’t have much success.

Google Display Advertising

Google Display PPC advertising is quite popular– you subconsciously ignore most of these ads if they are irrelevant to you. But sometimes you notice an ad from a company whose website you recently visited. That is the power of Google Display advertising. Remarketing is very popular with Google Display, that is reaching out to customers who recently visited your site and you have the opportunity to bring them back. Typically brands offer a discount or an incentive in the remarketing ad, but it isn’t necessary. Google Display is less expensive than Google Search but more expensive than YouTube ads in general.

If you need assistance with advertising on Google, feel free to reach out to Mad Mind Studios today!

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