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3 Types of Web Design Agencies to Avoid

If you were to type “web design agency” into a Google search, you would get around 24 million search results. Undoubtedly, 24 million web design agencies do not exist, and only a few thousand in the search results would be relevant to you. At the top of the list, there would be paid ads using Google AdWords that firms would have used a pay-per-click scheme to get there.

Unfortunately, while it may signify some degree of credibility for being ranked near the top of the search engine, being highly ranked does not necessarily mean that the company can be trusted to build your business’s website. At Mad Mind Studios, we understand the common misconceptions made by entrepreneurs or marketing directors when searching for a web design agency, and we want you to have a web design that fits in your brand strategy.

Many of our clients come to us after having a very negative experience working with the types of website design agencies that we discuss below.

“Made in the U.S.A.” is often stamped on some of the finest products that you can buy in the states– and the placement, color and size of the label is strategic. Manufacturers understand the value of that tagline, and make sure that the consumers understand that their product was made domestically, contributing to American jobs, infrastructure and avoiding the support of countries that have few labor rights for their workers, including children. If you’re product is made in the U.S.A., there is a mutual assurance of quality for the item.

It shouldn’t be surprising that the same concept applies to web designs. Many web design firms outsource their web design projects overseas, and once they receive the first payment from you, a person outside of the United States is now managing your project. Communications between you and the firm are now feeble, and you may not get exactly what you want out of the website as you never told the web designer directly what you want out of your website. Thus, we advise that while you are shopping around for web design agencies to help you with your project, confirm with them that your website will be made domestically and that you still have full control of the scope of your website.

An Agency that Offers $99 (cheap) Web Designs

At this point of the article, we’d like to be clear: Mad Mind Studios nor any other respectable web design firm can offer you a functional, beautiful and long-lasting web design for $99. Agencies like this usually rank higher on Google when you search for “cheap web design” and not for “web design”. You’ll be lucky if this type of agency will even give you a finished product of the website. If you are ‘lucky’, you will get the finished product, and ‘disappointed’ wouldn’t be enough to describe your sentiment on the completed website. Google will likely have a hard time crawling your website for SEO purposes, so your website may not even rank at all, which can seriously harm your business.

After your experience with this type of firm, and although it may be demoralizing, you can’t give up on your quest for an amazing web design. Your digital presence needs a centerpiece, which is typically a website that perfectly illustrates your branding. The moral of this story is: try not to let agencies like this debilitate your desire for a great web design for your business.

Agencies that Promise Immediate Search Rankings

Agencies that Promise Immediate Search Rankings

You have found an agency that is promising you great results from their services, and there’s nothing wrong with that, Mad Mind Studios does the same thing. However, this can turn awry quickly, and this often happens when the firm declares that their web designs can get your immediate high search rankings upon completion of the project. This is what we like to call “too good to be true”, because that’s exactly what it is.

While we are experts in content marketing for search engine optimization, we simply cannot make (or fulfill) that promise. The reality is that SEO doesn’t happen overnight and it can’t be accomplished in weeks. A content strategy needs to be in place that outlines the content creation schedule and placement over at least 3 months time. Many web design agencies don’t want to go through that much work for your business, and you need to identify those type of firms quickly before you pay for something that will never get fulfilled.

If you have had a negative experience with a web design, branding, marketing or logo design agency, we are eager to express to you our sympathies. Please feel free to reach out to Mad Mind Studios and we can discuss how you can find the best web design agency for your business and if we could complete your project for you.

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