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3 Tips for Luxury Real Estate Branding

When you think of luxury branding, there might be a few things that appear in your mind. Maybe you think of a specific color, professional clothing, possibly some words that have a luxurious feel to it. How can you apply that feeling of luxury to your real estate brand strategy? And if you already have a luxury real estate firm, it’s time to match the branding to your business.

Conventional branding wisdom unfortunately will not suffice for luxury branding, and this goes for any industry that involves luxury items. There needs to be something ‘extra’ in the marketing that enables your firm to pass as a luxury firm, and not like the others. Here are some tips to help you add luxury sentiments to your real estate brand strategy.

Understand why Luxury Branding is Important

Are you branding your real estate firm as luxury just because you like the message it sends, or because your business actually specializes in luxury real estate? This should be one of the first things you need to establish before moving any further with this brand strategy. It’s not enough to want to be a luxury firm, but you need to play the part as well. Every firm can ‘talk the talk’ of a high-class firm, but how many of those firms ‘walk the walk’? Once you understand your brand and can undoubtedly classify it as luxury, you can move forward with the marketing.

Marketing Extravagance

Luxury isn’t bland; it is a dynamic concept that can generate various feelings in your target demographic. Your marketing shouldn’t be bland either, so you might consider investing in high quality business cards, brochures, graphic design, website and logo that will feed off your luxury centerpiece. Use creativity to develop your branding extravagance, and try not to settle for average designs if you are marketing your firm as luxury.

Incorporate Humility in your Brand

Don’t let yourself get carried away with being a hotshot luxury real estate firm. You want to be able to communicate your professionalism and high-class standing without giving off arrogance. You shouldn’t use content in your print materials or digital forms that distract from the simple excellence that you and your firm can provide to potential clients. Luxury and humility aren’t often mixed together, and incorporating humbleness into your brand can distinguish your business from others.

Ultimately, the important concept in luxury branding is to go above and beyond your competition and not be afraid to try out new marketing techniques to boost your brand. If you need help establishing a luxury brand identity for your firm, feel free to contact us at Mad Mind Studios and we can help you on your way to success.

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