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3 Tips for Social Media Captions

Your social media should be witty and authentic- and seem as carefree as possible. However, your strategy shouldn’t be drawn up on a whim! It’s important to outline clear goals and strategy for your business, no matter how big or small it is. Creating social media captions can be difficult, but will come as second nature with the right strategy and some practice.

Social media is the new face of your product or service and should be treated with importance as well. Varying up your content throughout your company’s different platforms will develop a continuous flow of interesting pictures, articles, and more for audiences to connect to your brand.

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Make your call to action engage with users. Ask people what they think of your new product with emojis, ask them to create a funny hashtag for a new campaign or even a relevant caption for your picture. This is a great option if you’re just plain stuck on what to say.

Another option along the same lines is creating contests or special events that bring User-Generated Content (UGC) your way. Many big companies use this content to repost to their own page, giving a little shout out to their fans, and thus reinforcing your brand voice.

Stay up-to-date with current trends.

Relating your content to something funny you saw online could bring more attention to your post. ‘Piggybacking’ off of viral memes can not only reach different audiences but also solidify your brand as one that is dynamic and fresh.

Newsworthy content will always stick better too because it reinforces what people hear and see on their feeds and on TV. This can inspire your own content as it does for Merriam-Webster’s twitter account (@MerriamWebster). The dictionary’s twitter regularly uses current events to highlight pertinent words and their definitions.

Don’t go overboard with the hashtags!

Do your research and make sure the hashtags work for the social media platform you’re using. Your hashtags should be relevant (i.e. do not put hashtag #OOTD on a post about your team enjoying a coffee break) and under 10-15 in amount. You can add about 30 hashtags on your regular posts and 10 hashtags on an Instagram story. Look up some location-specific hashtags to add at the bottom of your post after some ellipses.

No time for social media strategy?

Always remember to track your success or you won’t be able to see the progression of your brand’s social media presence. Confused on where to start? Hiring a marketing agency to do the legwork wouldn’t hurt. Marketing agencies like Mad Mind Studios will strategize, create, and schedule posts for your business- so you don’t have to think about creating a clever caption!


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