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3 Tips for Branding Your Financial Services Company

Financial service firms have a tendency to market themselves in similar ways. They are usually branded as being professional, which is a good thing and your branding should likely have a professional element to it as well. However, what happens when your potential clients all have the same view of financial service firms due to the ubiquitous branding that most professional businesses use?

Ultimately, you need to set your firm up for success by being unique, and no matter how cliche that sounds, it’s true. And if being unique was easy, every firm would do it, but they don’t. In this blog, we present to you some helpful tips that may help you in your branding journey.

Start with your Culture

It’s easy to throw out nice words about your company online and hope that your potential clients like it and will give you their business. But a more refined strategy would go deeper than the cliche words. Especially for financial services companies, it is common to make the assumption that your team are full of individuals who are stern and probably aren’t very personable. But your firm is more than that. Maybe your team volunteered for a local orphanage or helped raise funds for a cancer-research center. Those things stand out, and if you want your firm to do so, it’s time to start promoting your company culture.


Go with Print

2017 is a digital age, and we are constantly bombarded with digital graphics and visuals and less are we confronted with print items. It’s time for you to be unique and have visually appealing graphics on print materials, like brochures, business cards, mailers and even greeting/celebratory cards. People like having a beautiful piece of high-quality paper in front of them as long as the graphic designs are of stellar-quality as well. Incorporating print materials can help you stand out and prove to have significant ROIs.


Optimize your Online Presence

Now we got print out of the way, let’s now use conventional wisdom by adapting to the digital age. Your online presence should be engaging and visually pleasing, and this should center around the branding of your logo and website. Your logo is important as it will go on everything, digital and print, and will hopefully communicate your brand identity to your potential clients relatively well. Your website is important for many reasons, but for your brand, it must be cohesive with your logo and graphic designs. Don’t try to confuse your clients about who you are as a company, but communicate it explicitly, leaving no room for disconcerted thoughts.

Your marketing plan should be cohesive and all of your team members should be following it so they can conduct themselves to clients accordingly. If you need assistance with your brand strategy, feel free to contact us at Mad Mind Studios, as we can help you begin your journey to success.

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