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10 Tips for Building the Best Branding and Website Design for a New Juice Bar

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Juice bars are currently one of the largest trending businesses in the United States. Even with the $2.2 billion revenue the industry is already pouring in, there’s still room for more. A growth of at least 7% is projected this year alone.

If you are the proud owner of one of the 5200 juice bars in existence in the US right now or are looking to add to the number, wise decision. You’ll need exceptional branding and website design, however, to get your new juice bar flowing and to ensure it stands out from the rest.

Tips for New Juice Bar Branding and Website Design

For those who are not a professional branding and website designer, the process can be overwhelming. Here are ten tips for building the best branding and website design for your new juice bar to get you inspired and to help you start planning:

  1. Finding Your Voice

There’s a lot of static out there. Competition can be grueling. You need to have a strong brand identity to give your juice brand personality, so it stands out from the rest. Think about what your juice bar has to offer. What makes it unique? What makes it desirable? Once you have come up with the angle, that will be the backbone of your brand identity.

  1. Experience

Never forget that you are selling an experience. In all your branding and website design endeavors, keep the experience you wish to deliver in your thoughts. Make promises and keep them. If you are selling a health-oriented experience, make sure your juice is indeed healthy and create a healthy-themed environment in your bar.

  1. Target Audience

Reflect on your juice bar and the customers you expect to attract to it. Is it going to be by a college, and you hope for it to be the new hang out? Maybe you hope to get business from the health-conscious crowd. Figure out the age, income bracket, and location of your targeted audience and gear the next steps based upon your findings.

  1. Capturing Attention

The goal if branding your juice bar is to set it apart from the competition. In all the steps below, keep in mind that the ideal is to grab the attention of your target audeince, so they visit your juice bar. That feet may be achieved in a variety of ways but if you fail to achieve capturing your audience’s attention, you’ll find you have no customers so as you complete each step, ask yourself if the choice you made is conducive to catching the eye of consumers. If it does, move on to the next step and do the same.

  1. Name it!

A recent study showed that 72% of all consumers pick products based on the company name. That’s a lot of power in a name which is a huge advantage for you – if you have a great name. The name you choose for your juice bar is one of the most valuable assets your juice bar will have. Ideally, it should reflect the heartbeat of your brand. It should also be easy to remember – maybe catchy, cute, clever, or even reflective or resounding. It should be easy to pronounce and spell as well.

  1. Logo

Brand identity is the process of bringing your brand to life. Once you have decided on the story behind it and named it, it’s time to give it even more character by creating a logo to represent it. Be sure the logo is reflective on the personality and story behind your brand. Decide the style of logo you are seeking. You can go with a minimalistic design logo that is simple, sleek, and elegant or opt for a more traditional type. If the personality of your juice bar is health-oriented, you might incorporate that theme into your logo. If your juice bar is to be a fun place, add some humor in the mix.  A logo typically consists of a graphic or symbol, typography, and color – all of which should reflect the character and mood of your brand.

  1. Color and Fonts

When choosing the color palette for your brand logo and design, it’s a good idea to learn a little about the psychology of color. Since the human brain automatically associates color with different thoughts and emotions, you’ll have an arsenal of tools at your disposal. Red denotes power. Green stands for nature and for strength. Yellow is lighthearted and fun. White is desirable to create space around the focal point of your logo and design, to draw attention to it. You can combine colors for a multi-faceted effect but be sure your colors are too overpowering, or consumers will find it confusing. Your typography should also be based upon consumer psychology and common sense. If your juice bar is going to use a minimalistic theme, go with sleek, modern font. If it has a gothic touch, choose font that’s appropriate for that theme.

  1. Website

Your website will serve as your homebase. It is there you can inform your customers all about your juice bar including the menu selection, about the company, about the ingredients in your juices, contact information, and so much more. Your website design should reflect your brand identity, consistently using the colors, style and size of fonts, and images that your brand represents. Be sure it’s user-friendly and is centered around driving results. Content is very important. Keep your content relevant, informative, and interesting. You can also implement optimized keywording so you draw users to your site through their online searches.

  1. Advertising

Before the grand opening of your juice bar, you’ll want to get the word out by way of advertising both online and off. Social media is a great place to advertise using a link to your website and displaying your logo to get it embedded in the minds of your target audience. There are various advertising platforms for you to consider. Each has its perks. Social media ad methods and requirements change like the wind but are almost always worth the effort if, and only if, you implement them effectively.

  1. Deliver!

Everything you attracted your customers with through your logo, brand identity and design, website, and advertising will be useless if you don’t deliver the experience and awesome final product you promised. When you do deliver, your new juice bar is sure to be outstanding.

There’s nothing more exciting that living your dream by opening your new juice bar. With the ten steps above, your chances of having a successful business is greatly increased. You can create you brand identity such as logo building and website design but if you find you are short on time or don’t feel comfortable with your skill level, don’t hesitate to call on help from a branding and marketing expert.

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