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10 Tips for Creating a Rock Solid Brand Identity

Having a well-defined brand is not simply about creating a symbolic logo or image. You can’t just sit back and wait for potential customers to find their way to you and recognize what you are all about. You need to make sure that everyone knows precisely what your company stands for. Creating a solid brand identity is quite like building and operating a well-run machine. This ensures that the values, quality and vision of your organization are universally recognized and trusted. Here are 10 Tips for Creating a Rock Solid Brand Identity that will help you generate a memorable and successful brand identity:

1. Build your core engine.

Any working machine needs a solid core or engine to operate. You need to identify your company’s core values, devise a plan to keep them in place and make sure that they extend to all other parts or aspects of your company. Setting the tone and pace of your organization right from the beginning will make sure that your operations remain focused and streamlined.

2. Create a “spark.”

Find and hire employees that are as enthusiastic about your company and the brand as you are. The more you generate that “spark” of excitement in production, the happier and more on board your internal staff will be.

3. Know your fuel.

It’s no use cultivating a specific brand if you are incapable of recognizing your core demographic. If your brand targets young adults, but your company (like a wayward machine) starts producing shower caps for Great Aunt Margaret, chances are, you will run out of gas. First impressions is what it counts when it comes to branding. Introduce your brand right the first time.

4. Develop a slogan.

Brand identities should seek to drive home core values not just with logos, but with slogans that are memorable and catchy. These simple statements or phrases will reinforce your company’s personality.

5. Have a back-up battery.

Don’t rely exclusively on one brand image right from the beginning. Sometimes, when you try too hard to be trendy or unique, the logo backfires. Try a few different images and test them out with your core demographic before investing exclusively in one option.

6. Don’t be afraid to step on the gas pedal.

All successful companies take risks. Although it would be unwise to stick with a brand identity that is failing, it is also important to set yourself apart from your competition. Think outside of the box, create a fresh and modern look and zoom confidently ahead.

7. Know when to brake.

It’s useless to steamroll ahead if the popular trends and fickle shifts in business are against you. Bide your time, save up some fuel, and prepare for the right moment.

8. Don’t swap out too many parts.

Create your core brand. Stick to it. Make few large changes. Chances are, if you are constantly modifying your company’s identity, your customers (and even you) won’t be able to recognize your brand anymore.

9. A Chevy is not a Porsche.

Know your company’s core values well enough to avoid attempting to force them to be something they are not. Customers want a reliable, consistent and easily recognizable product. They will distrust one that shifts with each new trend.

10. The sum of its parts.

It is imperative that you see all of the smaller parts working in unison to comprise the whole brand machine. Your company’s image, slogan, mascot and other iconic symbols and processes must remain consistent, strong and always in unison. Focusing on one and ignoring another could cause the entire system to collapse.

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