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10 Step Guide To Hiring A Logo Designer

10 Step Guide To Hiring A Logo Designer


It is important to have clearly defined goals and a basic understanding of how important a logo or brand identity is to your company or business. Building a solid brand can become a company’s greatest asset and provide the highest return on investment.


Key Elements to look for when reviewing a prospective logo designer’s portfolio:

– Does their style fit in with the personality of your business?
– Are they experienced within your field of business? Does their logo samples portray that?
– Do they have any recent samples of logos they have done?
– Can they provide any links where their work can be viewed live?


When conducting an interview, try to find a logo designer that is a good fit for you, not just visually, but also from a point of view regarding personality. By looking at the whole perspective, this allows you to see if your personality and visions mesh well with the designer’s personality and ideas.


Time is a critical factor in any logo design and branding project. Here are important factors to consider:

– Will the logo designer be able to meet your deadline?
– How many logo design projects do they work with at once?
– How many logo designers will be working on your project?
– What is the time frame that you will receive the first round of concepts?


Communication is key when it comes to any design project. If the design firm is prepared to discuss your project and answer your questions on the phone or by email, this is a positive sign that communication and interaction with you is important to them to understand you and your logo design project’s needs.


After reviewing the logo designer’s portfolio, feel free to ask for any available references that they can provide. Ask for at least two references.


The success of your logo design comes from your research:

– Find out what the logo design firm has achieved.
– Ask them about their past project success stories
– How are they able to help you and achieve great results?


If you are working with a professional logo design firm with years of experience, expect the highest quality at a competitive rate. This logo will be the face of your business or company. Be mindful of substandard logo design work, as it could hurt your image.

Your overall budget decides how much time and research the designer will invest in your project. A custom logo design takes time and research to be developed. The process can take anywhere between 3 to 6 weeks. Unfortunately, many logo design firms who promise to create your logo within 24 to 48 hours will most likely be unable to get to know you, and what your company/business stands for.


Make sure you own the rights to all of the final work. This means that you should receive a logo design ownership document from your design firm. If you paid for the logo, then make sure you will own the rights to it!

It is also important that you receive your logo in a vector file format.


– Do a walk through of a past project, step by step, so you know how they dealt with and overcame challenges.
– Make sure you understand the process that is specified in the contract.
– Find out what methods of payment are accepted and when the deadline for the project is.

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